No man, I didn’t go to Ito-Kacho for yakiniku šŸ˜¦ I went there for a $30 lunch bento because I was hungry and it looked good. I entered minutes before lunchtime ended and took a long time to eat the huge ass filling meal. I think that’s why the staff were somewhat unwilling to serve me or something.
Salad. Lotus root chips yum.
Chawanmushi but with some starchy stuff on top. Not bad actually, but the camera can’t focus on it lol.
That’s right. Tori karaage!!!! Tempura!!!!!! WAGYU BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YUM!! Prawns + shiitake mushroom + onion! The onion is surprisingly really good, although I’ve not seen it being tempura-ed before.
YUM!!! This was mildly spicy but goes really well with the rice! The rice was kinda strange, actually. It was hard and like… wrong. But the dishes made my $30 totally well spent. Non-beefers can opt for kurobuta too!
Miso soup was almost cold by the time I finished everything and got to it. Quite ordinary.
I’d love to return for yakiniku someday!! Hopefully someone pays for me… I glanced through the beef pages on the menu super quickly because I didn’t want to look at the prices. It cannot be affordable for peasants in any way looking at the marbling on the images.

Went out with Yuxuan the day after. Brought her to Ootoya!! -___- I’m sorry I can’t part with this place. It’s like an oasis in Sahara. HAHAHAHAHA Sahara. That was how Yuxuan completely misspelled “hahaha” šŸ˜€
Chawanmushi photo for the nth time.
I think I don’t glorify their miso soup enough. There are so many ingredients in the miso soup it’s pretty much the most flavourful one I’ve had in Singapore.
Oyako jyu. Again. I eat this too much. Just not enough to make me sick of it. I don’t think I ever will be sick of it. It’s too perfect.

Right after that, she was still hungry and so we headed to Sunday Folks to satisfy her cravings. I think I make her sound rather pregnant. She isn’t. Unless… *gasp* jk
Usual roasted pistachio ice-cream.
Just for once, not in a cone. They changed it to one that tasted not better than the one I love. Tell me if I’m wrong T_T I really enjoyed the cones T_T

Then we went to Orchard for fun. I must’ve looked a sight dressed in my jinbei and flip flops but who cares? I love it. At Muji, we found these bean bags made of figurative gold. However you plant yourself on it, it cannot be uncomfortable. Sat there for a good 15 minutes or so. I want it šŸ˜¦
Dinner was some takoyaki from Wow Tako. Let’s just say it was far from wow. Especially when it’s to do with the tako. The first ball, was EMPTY. Then I had another to confirm that the first was really empty and not just small. The ones that had tako was disappointing. Puny. I don’t even want to talk about the batter man. Should have taken it as a cue to not order when they weren’t even actively making any balls, having a few stacked up ready to serve (cold).


Hakata Men-Oh Ramen (Isetan Scotts Supermarket) for lunch.
$10 only but more delicious than several raved-about ramens which are easily 1.5x its price. The broth is very rich and fat but not so fat that I’d be repulsed.
Picked this box of Kumamon Castella up at the Kyushu fair because I love Kumamon and I love Castella cake šŸ™‚
Out of the three flavours, custard is the nicest. Anko made it taste like mini dorayaki.

Then I met Joe to pass him his birthday gift, which he pestered me non-stop for. Making this really hurts my fingers because hello 1,000 knots or something.

Spent so long making this for him, who demanded it full of beads, as a birthday gift in exchange for I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT but he gave me a tie-dye bag. I honestly wish I didn’t say ok to his request. Some people are willing to pay me to help them wrap theirs but I declined. One of the biggest regrets of my life.
Then I showed him the said bean bags and we brazenly sat there for more than an hour chatting.

For dinner, I went to Wala Wala to listen to Randolf Arriola and eat the wings I’ve not had for a long time.

Every time I go there on Fridays, the crowds just talk really loudly and drown out Randolf Arriola. Sian. Should have left after the 1st set.

Chicken pepper rice at Pepper Lunch. Last time I had one was more than a year ago!! :O

By the way, scheduled posts are awesome.


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