Spring in Tokyo (Part 4): Tokyo Skytree

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Day 2 (continued)

It was 8pm when we were heading to Asakusa to see Tokyo Skytree because it was dark out and it’s lit, isn’t it??
Look at the cute wiggly stair rail!
Transferred to Tobu Skytree line to get to Tokyo Skytree station.
Now, I think that was really dumb T_T because if we went into the observatory, all we’d see is darkness and little blotches of light, and if we stood outside, we wouldn’t have a good view of the tower. We should’ve gone to Asakusa instead!! There’d be more to see I presume.
Yup, our point of view.
It’s nice and all but… 😥
Didn’t go up because entrance fee was close to 3,000 yen per pax so we’re like NOPE.

The trip here would’ve been a total bummer if it weren’t for the shops in Tokyo Skytree Town!!
There were lots of toys everywhere and a Tomica Shop and…
Wanted to eat everything but Yuxuan didn’t even want to eat so we couldn’t buy a bunch to share.
I was quite full from the street food although we didn’t even eat much T_T why T_T But for Gudetama I grew another stomach!
Sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! ^___^
ぐでぼう! Egg stick was very oily and not super yummy la… But cute!!!
ぐでむすび! It was delicious until I bit into a ball of mayonnaise T___T Why does everyone keep hiding mayonnaise everywhere T_T I hate mayonnaise!!!!
Good time to use the Gudetama Line stickers ^___^

Lots of gashapon there too, so I got some Gudetama keychains. Was a little sad I couldn’t find the first series because I really liked the Gudetama man.

I fell in love the first time I heard this song after a Gudetama clip.
Anyway, I was a bad influence to Yuxuan and she spent a lot of money (more than I did) on toys. Every day.

Then we went back to the apartment.
Can’t get enough of mosaic Astro Boy.
Eh????? We didn’t have supper that night??
Erm… well, this post was boring… Sorry 😦
OMG found it!!!
Got some oden from Family Mart! We found this place from aimlessly walking nearby our apartment late at night because 7-Eleven was sort of boring. There were Muji products and plants and cool stuff at this combini! 🙂 Loved it!!!
Anyway, the oden was delicious ^_^ Yuxuan was initially afraid of it. What??? -___- But she fell in love with it soon.

Ok, that’s all for now. Sorry it was still boring after the update lol…
Next post will be filled with pictures from a really beautiful relaxing stroll in a park and also a bunch of sadness that was inevitable ;__; yea…

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11

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