Spring in Tokyo (Part 6): Roppongi & Shinjuku & Shibuya

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Day 3 (continued)

We went to Roppongi!
Walked around and found the Roppongi Roppongi thing… But we were lost. Where is everything???
We all by now know that I suck reading maps for this trip (I’m usually not too shabby at navigating). So we walked around aimlessly along some road, not knowing what to do…
Found Hard Rock Cafe!! Yuxuan has a staff card and we got pins at 50% off 😀 YAY 😀
Walked past a mart and was reminded that I wanted to treat myself to strawberries ;__; I DIDN’T!! ;___; I always am too far from the apartment to buy it back for supper!!! T___T

It was 2pm and Yuxuan cued lunch. I really don’t know how I could be so preoccupied that I put off eating (especially in Japan???) 😦
Went into Komoro Soba since we walked past it earlier on and didn’t want to waste time exploring further.
Oyako don and zaru soba set!!! 😀
Yummy! Actually I’m appalled that my favourite Ootoya that I frequent in Singapore have food that taste better than most of the food I had in their own country! But it’s really so much more affordable here 🙂
Soba was delicious!! Halfway through I was very stuffed but I don’t waste food so I ate them all 😀
There’s that little red pot of unknown liquid with the set and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with it… so… I didn’t touch it. What is that??

Roppongi is confusing… We were lost most of the time -__-
Cute tiny little puppy!!!!!!!
Then a staff approached me and said photography was not allowed 😦 but the other people in the pet store were also taking photos!! 😦 So many cute pets in there but you can’t see it here now 😦
Ok then we gave up trying to explore this area and headed to Shinjuku.

We spent a lot of time figuring out how to get out of Shinjuku station -____-
But it was a nice place to be lost! Lots of food everywhere!!! Didn’t buy because I didn’t want to carry so many things while we were walking around…
Looks so good!
Wanted to buy this so much but I was so full from lunch!!! 😦
Next time I should stay in Shinjuku when I travel to Tokyo because ekiben land.
Finally got out!!!!
Shopped around some places like Lumine Est and Takashimaya and decided that Shinjuku was too big and messy and confusing for our tired and aching legs T___T

We spent about 2 hours trying to get back into Shinjuku station to look for directions to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (東京都庁). For that I was rather angry T_T because we were tired and it was going to be dark soon!
Gave up trying to walk there and found a train that took us to Tochōmae station.
Night scenery at observatories is not what I prefer 😦
At the North Observatory while the cloudy evening approached. How to see Mount Fuji? T___T
It’s so dark I don’t really know what’s what…
There’s this building that looks like Big Ben, then there’s Tokyo Tower and Odaiba Palette Town’s Daikanransha.
Bought a post card so that I could get these memorial stamps!!!
Only after this did I realise that train stations have their own stamps too!!! I love collecting stuff!! But I’ve already missed so many T_T
Some stuff I bought at the souvenir shop at 202m lol and the pins I got at Hard Rock! 🙂
I also love the quality of the coins/medallions, which were only 100 yen! You’ll soon see the depth of this love HAHAHA!!
Bought this from a vending machine while waiting for a train back to Shibuya. It looked interesting and IT TASTES GREAT!!!!!

Looked for dinner around Shibuya and I was being quite picky that night so… it took really long.
Went into Parco because there was some sign that said the top floor had lots of food.
CCTV monitor = selfie opportunity! HAHAHAHA
Ok we left because none of them seemed appealing…

Looked for dinner while we were walking back to our apartment. We were exhausted and my feet were sooooo painful and blistered from excessive aimless walking!
Saw this and YAKITORI!!!!!! I WANT TO EAT YAKITORI!!!!!!!
Also heard of Nanbantei before as they have an outlet in Singapore, so up we went! Took an escalator to the 2nd floor because my legs could hardly work anymore 😦
Raw vegetables were appetisers. They are so delicious. How can RAW vegetables taste so good???
Pork wrapped asparagus! SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salmon ochazuke!!!!!! Puts the instant ones I’ve been enjoying at home to utter shame.
Stuffed shiitake!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEAVENLY ;____;
Then a staff came and told us we had to order a drink. Izakaya rules? So I got this grapefruit juice! Not bad.
Momo and tsukune!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had one each. Don’t know why Yuxuan was scrimping on this amazing dinner place???
The price is really off-putting until you taste it. It’s worth it, honestly.
That’s all I had and it amounted to about 3,500 yen for me. Crazy but worth it.
Please eat at Nanbantei when you see one!!! Trust me!!!!

On the way back, saw this slanted Hachiko statue at Tower Records and I burst out laughing!!!
I bought an apple baumkuchen from a Sanrio store at Shibuya 109 Men’s!! Mostly because the box looked really cute 😛 and it was half-priced because it’s good till 6 April, so I wouldn’t feel so bad if I discarded it before finishing it.
It wasn’t very delicious lol… Quite disappointing after all that packaging goodness.
2am combini supper! I got Galbo Mini for half the price I paid for at the vending machine!!! #tiopian
Japan’s combini is great!!!! 😀

Next post will have pictures of super cute cutie pie!!!!!!!!!! And of course, some sakura. Stay tuned!

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