Spring in Tokyo (Part 8): Omotesando & Shibuya

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Day 4 (continued)

Technically, it’s Day 5 because we were loitering about Shibuya past midnight when we returned from Odaiba.
It was 2am when we were hungry looking for supper because our dinner was sort of lame.
There were quite a few stalls still open and we went into Sushizanmai 🙂
Ordering in Japanese a bunch of stuff was quite tough… especially for two separate persons… but whatever nonsense I spoke went understood so it’s ok 🙂
Tamago! The chef used a huge slab of tamagoyaki and wrapped it in the most peculiar style! Then he cut it in half, and put each on both our plates -___- #tiopian but the egg:rice ratio was good!! 😀
Tako! Yum 😀
I didn’t order sashimi like I said I would… it’s a branch from the super famous Tsukiji and what if I couldn’t ingest the raw fish T_T I was sitting right in front of the chef 😦 how can I spit it out if I couldn’t eat it????
Kani! Said we didn’t want wasabi but he just put a dollop on each. Wasabi looked really different than what we’re used to seeing. It was dark green!!! At first it tasted good (I usually don’t like the taste of wasabi) and it didn’t have that spicy thing that goes up your nose. When I ate the second piece, it went ALL OVER MY FACE. I nearly died it was SO spicy T____T Whatever I ate afterwards just kept tasting like wasabi T___T but it’s really awesome wasabi 🙂
Amaebi! Couldn’t taste this because it was like shrimp-textured wasabi… T_T
Very silky smooth and loaded with lots of ingredients 😀

Walking back to the apartment and saw some graffiti getting done for the store or something.
Singaporean graffiti appreciation always much more because we only see commissioned ones .__.

Day 5

Wore the awesome scarf thing I bought in Harajuku!!! 😀
Walked to Harajuku because we figured out the shortest route walking from our apartment! It was literally a straight road! We stayed in between Shibuya and Harajuku! Omg all that time wasted the day before because I suck at maps -___-
Walked around Harajuku shopping and finding lunch but for some reason there was no food place in sight…
Bought a watch on impulse (I should sell it), and was so amused they gave my paper bag a raincoat!!!!!!!! That’s so considerate and totally cute!!! Then I realised it was a norm and every paper bag in everyone’s hands was donning a raincoat. I love Japan!!!!
Harajuku’s tourist information centre is soooo cute!! Went in to ask for directions to a yakiniku restaurant and the staff was so friendly and helpful, even though I ended up asking a lot of other questions too, since she spoke English and I won’t know when I can find such assistance 🙂

Had lunch at Seiko-en, the cheaper one out of the two yakiniku restaurants in the vicinity, the other being Gyu-Kaku 🙂
Opted for buffet but we couldn’t eat a lot so it was quite a waste of money :/
This was the starter plate with a standard meat selection.
Those half-moon slices are gyūtan (beef tongue), which I’d wanted to try. They are actually really yummy!! 😀 Tender and more lean than other parts I think.

After lunch, we split up because Yuxuan wanted to look for boots while I wanted to look for some ulu coffee! Thank god she let me have the pocket Wi-Fi otherwise I’d be lost and meet up an hour later without any coffee -___-
One hour wasn’t enough time to shop at Omotesando, so I went to look for Omotesando Koffee with the map I got at the information centre.
On the way there, I was really lost because it became streets after streets of residences behind Omotesando Hills. So I asked a deliveryman when he walked past me, who so very kindly showed me the way, although he walked super fast while pushing a trolley loaded with huge stuff.
He left me at one street and told me to turn left.
So I found this crowd at this beautiful old house and I couldn’t tell if Omotesando Koffee was actually here. I tried to Google but the maps failed me every single time I tried to use it. So I turned to Foursquare and it was actually the closest location to me… So I just joined the queue :/
The queue moved a bit after a few minutes before I saw the shop’s sign. It’s so minimalist and small it was obstructed by the people in the queue -____- after seeing this, I calmed down LOL.
The décor was so beautiful!! I wasn’t bored standing in line for 30 minutes to order a small cup of supposedly Tokyo’s best coffee.
The little garden would’ve been so much more beautiful if it weren’t for the rain! But if it weren’t raining, I’d never get this shot because there’d be people on the bench right?
I’ve never been so into any shop’s décor so much! Or I could be really bored standing in line. I doubt it’s the latter.
Barista spoke fluent English and for the first time I didn’t have to try so hard and sound illiterate!!! 😀
Ordered a Baileys cappuccino.
I should’ve ordered Omotesando Koffee -___- I mean it was named after the shop! Or the shop was named after the coffee?
I liked everything about this place!!!
I couldn’t get a good photo of it????
The coffee was really aromatic and smooth T_T even better than my favourite Oriole Coffee!! ;____;
The cup’s prints are also so nice ;___;
It’s coffee worth waiting 30 minutes for. Also, if I come here next time I’ll buy 3 cups for myself because the cup is actually really small.
Was thinking of getting a cup for Yuxuan after I tasted it but the queue was even longer than when I joined it and I had 5 minutes to walk back to our arranged meeting spot. I was a little late getting back :/
Passed this cool trailer (is it a shop??? It says open!) walking back to Omotesando Hills.

Walked along Cat Street back to Shibuya because the map says it leads us to Shibuya. What the heck, we emerged at the mosaic Astro Boy tunnel!!! We could’ve learnt about it sooner T_T
Bought this pair of boots from Scrapbook (Jeanasis) 😀 I walked in because I always liked the designs at Jeanasis. Finances stopped me from buying more lol…

I really like all these mosaic graffiti I see so often!! Found out the artist is Invader 😀
Walked around Shibuya looking for dinner. Looking for Yoshinoya, which we somehow just cannot find anywhere although we’ve seen it before. Yuxuan asked some strangers in English while I was looking for non-busy people to ask for directions -____- I have failed. It was right across the street, just really inconspicuous T_T
I got the gyu-sukinabe-zen because Singapore doesn’t have it.
It’s damn delicious!!!!!! And affordable!!!!!!!! I want to live in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continued shopping till most of the shops were closed. We found GU at the very last minute and I liked everything there!!! GU needs to open in Singapore!!!!! There’s more than enough Uniqlo outlets in Singapore already please bring GU here!!!!!! Hurriedly tried on clothes and bought some before it closed!!

After showering we went out looking for 2am supper. Why do we eat supper every day? Hahahaha I think we are just obsessed with combini food 😛
Bought mini ramen to try 🙂
Turned out quite disappointing 😦 Maybe Japanese cup noodles taste good only when you are not eating them in the country with even better food everywhere!

Ok that’s all for the Sunday shopping!! Can’t wait to blog about the next two days! Disney!!!!!!! ^____^

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