Spring in Tokyo (Part 11): Videos & TLDR Summary

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Day 8

Last day and Yuxuan wanted to sleep in. I woke up early and walked all the way down to Sendagaya to look for a unicycle shop. I was bent on getting one here because I have no idea where mine went and I’ve not even learnt how to ride one yet.
It was raining and windy and I was dying trekking from the apartment past Harajuku station T_T Checked the temperature to see if I was going to make it alive. 3°C. Nope. I decided to steal an abandoned umbrella if I chanced upon one. I found one!!! It was damaged T_T Continued my journey in the rain and finally found Sendagaya Elementary School. It was a miracle considering my atrocious map-reading skills.
I was too early and I needed a place to shelter myself and get breakfast. Apparently 8.30am was too early for shops to be opened -____- So I went into a combini and got microwaved bento for breakfast…
Slowly I began to feel at my fingers again 🙂 8 days and I didn’t manage to get a pair of gloves .__.
Went to look for the shop again now that I have found the street. Crap. I didn’t know how to read addresses. How shall I find the building?? Asked a passerby and in that absurd weather he kindly obliged (although I was absolutely clueless as to what he was muttering) and even shared his umbrella with me LOL! Ok, we were just a few units past it and then I found the place! Thanked him and I went up.
Became illiterate when I entered the office. Also found out they had only one model left in stock and I had to pre-order online for the model I want because it just so happens I didn’t have enough yen on me to buy what’s there -______-
Such a torturous and pointless trip T_T Anyway, it’s still manufacturing and I can only expect it to arrive after July T_T

Walked back to Harajuku station and concluded I would die if I continued on foot so I took a short train ride to the next stop and relished in its warmth. Went back into the apartment to find Yuxuan about to abandon me with a note LOL. Then she went out shopping and lunching while I snuggled in the duvet to get myself out of hypothermia LOL 😀

Packed up and left for Shibuya station around 1pm to catch the Narita Express to the airport!
Like losers we had to give up our seats for someone who reserved it. It was super crowded by then and the train master came by and told us we had to exchange our stub for a reserved seat ticket -___- There was no such instructions on the stub??? T_____T
That aside, the toilet is a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narita Airport was not messy but we got lost for a while .__.
Found Traveler’s Factory and bought a bunch of MTN goodies for cheap!!! I mean to start on a journal but I haven’t touched it yet lol. I will soon (I last said the same thing 2 months ago LOL). It was here I exhausted all my yen and was left with no more than $2.
Ebi kakiage udon for late lunch I paid Yuxuan in SGD for because I told you I had no more yen hahahaha 😀
Saw ice-cream in a vending machine and it was my last vending machine moment 😥 so I found just enough coins to buy this Lady Borden one and it was yummy!!!!!! 😀

Goodbye sakura land T_T
A siren sounded and the plane came to a halt .__.
With all these aviation disasters lately, I bought a travel safety omamori at a shrine and had it in my duffel bag overhead. Nothing’s gonna happen!
That’s right… the plane didn’t even take off yet!!! The flight was delayed for 1.5 hours.
Was thirsty as hell and asked for some water. Flight attendant was like sure 😀 but then she got her crew and started from the top and served EVERYONE water while I slowly let the drought in my mouth take me. You’re welcome guys… ;___;
Watched the sky turned dark as I weeped internally. There goes my chance at a glimpse of Mt. Fuji .__. In fact, both my window seats had been disrupted and I just 😥
The plane took off and I was dejected with the vast darkness out there so I promptly went to the toilet and removed my contacts before the meals came.

Bloody hell. I looked out after that and the night sky was sprinkled with the most magnificent glitter T____T I strained and strained by my myopia wouldn’t let me admire at the stars at all T_T
So I turned to my camera. Also used the blanket to block out the internal lights and reflections but…
What the…?
It wouldn’t focus…
And then the wing’s light started to fight for attention…
I just wished you guys could see the stars (jk I wished I could see the stars) with close to none of those city light pollutions.

The problem with blogging 2 months late is that I have no idea what these are anymore .___.
I just know the potatoes were awesome 😀
So I reached Singapore after intermittent naps and movies… and since then I have never not complained about the humidity of this tropical island.

THE END. (Finally) (I thought this would never end) (YAY!)

TDLR Summary

Part 1:
Went to Meguro River to look at sakura but found it at the wrong end so walked in the cold for hours 😦 Also didn’t know night falls so soon and everywhere was pitch black…

Part 2:
Went to Imperial Palace and its surroundings. Sakura heaven ^_^

Part 3:
Ueno was one of my favourite places! Walked through a beautiful park strewn with blooms to see animals. Very funny animals. Afterwards, had a bunch of street food and rode in a pedal boat! 😀

Part 4:
Quite a wasted trip to Tokyo Skytree because we wanted to go to Asakusa instead. Things turned out better when I found Gudetama Cafe and Yuxuan became addicted to gachapon 😀

Part 5:
Caught in a sakura storm on the way to Inokashira Park 😀 We didn’t manage to get tickets for Ghibli Museum and I cri errday 😥 Also took an hour to look for toilet :/

Part 6:
Went to Roppongi. Lost. Went to Shinjuku. Lost. Calves became cows now. Had wonderful yakitori dinner at Nanbantei 😀

Part 7:
Shopped at Harajuku. Ate crepes. Went to Odaiba and rode on the Daikanransha. Went to the arcade after that because Yuxuan was an addict that I have created.

Part 8:
Had very amazing coffee. Or should I say koffee? Shopped in Shibuya.

Part 9:
Tokyo DisneySea!! 😀 It was really nice. Took photos with Duffy! 😀

Part 10:
Tokyo Disneyland!! 😀 Between the two, I liked Disneyland more. If I had been to other Disney parks beforehand, this decision may be different. Found out I wanted to live in Disneyland.

Part 11 (which is this post):

I love Japan 😀 I want to go to every prefecture 😀 Where is my money 😀


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