Food For Thought & Tiong Bahru

Was about to blog about yesterday but I found a set of pictures taken long ago because I forgot about them…

So once upon a time, after school, Nicole, Jia En, Fiona and I took a bus to the Botanic Gardens.
Only to find that where we were heading was at another gate and the weather was much too warm for walking (or breathing).
So we flagged down a taxi and took a ride from Botanic Gardens to Botanic Gardens HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😀
We went to Food For Thought for lunch!

Butter toast and sunny side ups!
This was really yummy and, filling too!

I was quite stupid and ordered these mixed berries pancakes too because the above sounded quite small a portion.
How wrong I was because when they both came I was like, oh shit what should I eat first!?!?!?
I had the pancakes after and was too full to finish it…
It wasn’t all that great anyway so I made the right choice!
It with the cream thingy was not bad but, ugh just no please.

I’ll probably return next month for some giant breakfast because it looks really good!!!

Ok so yesterday I went out with Yuxuan!
We went to Tiong Bahru for the sole purpose of having some bak kut teh but guess what?!?!?!?!
It was in Mandarin, it was red and on the glass directly (looks like some auspicious phrase or something, honestly), it was small, it was surrounded by posters…
Without Yuxuan I might have sat around waiting for them to open or something 😦
I really wanted some bak kut teh 😦

Before that, we went to Tiong Bahru Bakery because I missed my little kouign amann so much ^_^


This is love in the form of carbohydrates.
Infinite thanks to Joe for introducing this disk to me!

Then we went to the market for Hwa Yuen Porridge!

Super love their porridge!!
I always have the shredded chicken one 😀
Then it poured 😦 and I took out my umbrella when we left…
So we crossed the road and… THE RAIN STOPPED.
God just wanted to wet my umbrella or something!??!?!

We then walked to Books Actually.

It is almost sad I was born in the wrong decade because I cannot fully attach myself to all these.
And the biggest bummer is that I didn’t grow up with music legends!
Thank god I found Queen and Styx and lots of old musicals thanks to YouTube yay!

When we got out it was raining again and I was like “wanna cab?” and she was like “ok” since someone just alighted at the shopfront.
So we went to Neil Road because at Books Actually we saw a advertisement about some exhibition at Math Paper Press and we had nothing to do.

The boxes are mighty cute I had to snap some pictures!

We walked to Ann Siang Road!!!
I think I’m now able to walk from Outram to Chinatown this is amazing!!!!
With more comfortable shoes and better weather another day, I might do it again 😀
Kki was closed and I wanted to die right there and then but we went to Shots
So the whole day I just went to places I’ve been to eat things I’ve had T_T
They had a cake and coffee set at $10 so I was like why not?

Vanilla latte 😀

Crumble top cheesecake
Tasted strange at first but it turned out good 🙂
It was sad though, how they had only 2 cakes to choose from and the other being carrot cake…
So I was, in other words, coerced to get this cheesecake that was really helpful in description like “crumble top”
Yes, I can see that its top is crumbly but what does it taste like??
I still have no idea… just cheesecake.

After that we walked to some Chinatown building whatever its name is (they just -complex and -centre all the buildings and I give up)…
I bought 2 fat quarters and now I need some zippers to be able to sew up at least a pouch I had in mind…
Oh and I have an urge to buy a monogrammed and customised satchel from The Leather Satchel Co. so what the hell I need a job asap for 2 reasons…
One, because school requires me to gain 40 hours of experience of a job I might be tied to for about 3 months (oh god) and two, I need money for my material needs.
But $300 is not so bad compared to my other wants like the PS11 or the Alexa amongst a zillion others which would set me back by thousands which I don’t even have?!?!?!
Ugh life is hard…


Bella Pizza & Grin Affair & more

These 2 days I’ve been out to eat and I’ve spent a large fraction of all the money I have for this week…
And my Comex pay is not here yet and I’ve asked twice already…
So here is broke me doing everything strategically before Doomsday because my life is so unfulfilled the least I could do is eat.
And for the next 3 days I’ll be at a camp so yea…

So on Monday I went out with Joe and Angel!
Haven’t seen them in ages!! Not really… I’m still 17 :/
Had lunch at The King Louis Grill & Bar because they have really affordable set lunches and apparently Joe is broke because he went on a crazy shopping spree I’ll never get to have.
But I’ll find a way to make money o.o lots of them o.o cos I really need money o.o

Iced lemon tea!

Joe’s coffee
Check out that cool spoon thing!!
I’d love to have about 100 of these for no reason at all 😀
Angel got the exact same set lunch I had.. SO COPY CAT D:

The awesome mushroom soup!
They have one of the best mushroom soups I’ve ever tried, no lie!

Pan seared pacific salmon!!
It’s really yummy 😀
I especially loved the spinach and mushrooms it came with 🙂
The tomatoes were horrid… I thought it wasn’t possible for tomatoes to taste bad at all.

Strawberry ice-cream!
I like it! It tastes like nice strawberry milk 🙂
So I after that I was singing Robin Sparkle’s Let’s Go To The Mall and then Angel told me to shut up and Joe spat out all the water he was drinking hahahahahaha

Went to Daiso post-lunch.
I was complaining how most places destroy their otherwise perfect plain drawstring bags by putting stupid stuff on them…

Saw this label on a drawstring bag and laughed so much!
Then I bought it cos I could no longer resist.
After all, it’s only $2…
Then I had to buy Joe the plain blue one that I initially wanted because it’s Christmas zzzz
Went to the pet shop after that.
Squealing and squealing at the Japanese spitz and toy poodle!

Then Angel suggested we go to Dollhouse Pets to look at puppies and we went.
The SMRT dude who gave us directions was so inaccurate I wonder if he lived in the control station all his life.
So we were lost and we walked the opposite direction zzz
It was raining heavily and then we gave up and took a 1-minute cab ride when the rain stopped (fml) and it was $6.60 omg
Thanks Singapore, money grow on trees.

This is my favourite one there it is so cute I nearly died.

Then there’s this Pomeranian I couldn’t stop touching cos it was so fluffy and soft.


Look at its tongue ;___;

Then there’s another cute toy poodle omg

Explored this cool street named SPOTTISWOODE lolol and found nothing!
Then we saw a sign with Everton on it and Joe said there’s a cake place around…
Found Grin Affair!

Strawberry! I don’t know about the custard.

Angel got the dark chocolate one.

I was blinded by the jar, I mean it’s so cute, and I bought it without really knowing what it is other than it’s edible and has strawberries in it!
So it was carried around for a few hours until I got it into a fridge (still uneaten).

After that we were like oh let’s go to Ann Siang Hill!
But of course we got lost -____-
However, we found this cool street with cool dining places!
Keong Saik Street!
There’s this place called The Retrospective with a pacman table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then there’s Keong Saik Snacks!!!!!
Not just any library.
There’s a bar behind a secret door and we just so happen to have the pass phrase 😀
It was really fun but since we’re all underage and poor we left soon after DAMMIT

Found our way to the MRT station eventually and I think I know how to go to Keong Saik Street from there 🙂
Went to Jurong Point for dinner at MOF の My Izakaya with Angel!

Had the omelette udon I’ve had before

Because it’s among the cheapest main dish there and it’s yummy

And ocha! 🙂
I like their tea a lot 🙂
After that we went home!
That was when I finally put the strawberry cake in the fridge.
And I left it overnight…

Today I woke up and had my remaining Sunlife cream puffs for breakfast!

If you like durians, their durian puffs are nicer but since 2 years ago my acceptance of durian vanished…

Then I ate the said strawberry cake as well.

As you can see, the decision to not consume it immediately after purchase is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made.

It didn’t just look unfresh, it tasted unfresh 😦

Ate it anyway because I had to know what $5.50 in a jar tasted like!
I really think the unfresh strawberries ruined the whole thing but the safe cake bits were actually tasty.
So now I have to find a day to make my way again to that place where I got to because I was semi-lost 😦

Packed stuff for the camp with a lot of help from Fiona – the one with the camp wisdom.
Then I just grew hungrier and hungrier…
So I researched for a place to have my dinner.
And since it was potentially going to be my last dinner at a restaurant, say Doomsday isn’t untrue, I wanted to eat something new and at someplace new.
Of course all of that plus familiarity because I’m like that.

Brought my Stroll of Bear drawstring bag out today hahahahaha
Walked to Robertson Quay from Clarke Quay MRT station in post-rain humidity.
Was super sweaty lor 😦 furthermore I was in a polyester long sleeved shirt so you could imagine my plight… 😦
Lalala (that’s not anyone) went to Bella Pizza!! 😀

My usual table-for-1 became restaurant-for-1 it was sooooooooo awkward :/
Only when I was into my pizza did a Japanese family of 7 entered.

Calzone prosciutto e funghi 😀
My first calzone!!!!!!!! 😀
It’s not like it’s so everywhere in Singapore right?!??!

Here’s an ugly picture of an unappetizing 1/3 eaten calzone just to show you the cheese at the background hahaha
I finished the whole gravy boat (??? there’s 0 gravy) of Parmesan because it was really yummy 🙂
I’m not much of a cheese person because the pungent memory of an Italian supermarket approximately 10 years ago lingers.
But this is the first time I’ve eaten cheese with so much zeal!

In my calzone 😀 plus the heavenly Parmesan hahaha
It’s really yummy ;___;
I have to go back again for a proper unfolded pizza so I can try to compare it with my other two favourite pizza restaurants Trapizza and Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore!
If it isn’t clear in the previous sentence, Bella Pizza is now one of my favourite pizza restaurants ya…
😀 hehehe I love pizzas 😀

After my dinner, I went to Liang Court to walk around…
Went to Kinokuniya and this random guy approached me and thrust a card thing to me.
He said very few words the whole time and when I opened it I realised I was being asked for a donation.
Then I donated $5 and only a second after he walked away did I realise I don’t even know who or what I donated to!!
For this rare occurrence that I show kindness by giving away precious and scarce money which could have contributed to my happiness, I hope that $5 (yes I am very poor even parting with $5 (heck, $1 even) hurts me a lot) has gone to help someone helpable!

Browsed a little then I went to Dulcet & Studio for dessert because I am a beast.

Milk tea pudding!
The other time I had a spoonful from one that wasn’t mine and it was so soft, so smooth, so delicious.
Now that I have one for myself, it was nothing like it!
Felt so cheated 😦
Didn’t get the cakes because some looked so unperfect and I just lost $5…
Left 1/3 uneaten because I the whole time I was trying to kid myself that it tasted good but it didn’t please me.
I hardly ever waste food so ya… you can imagine.

Went to Meidi-ya after that 🙂
Got me a bottle of Bundaberg Blood Orange 🙂
Then I spotted Natchan on a packet of candies!

The packaging is so cute!!!

Then I saw this!!
Sucker for cute packaging!
But I’m broke so I gave this a miss 😦

Ok that’s all!
Buh-bye everyone I will be away for 3 days rolling in mud and stuff yuck

Antoinette & Shots Café

Today went to Popo’s house and then had Canadian Pizza for lunch!
Later after noon I went to explore the Ann Siang Hill area 🙂

There were a few people there with big cameras hanging from their necks like myself.
The only difference was I’m absolutely lazy to take pictures and I am alone.

It was raining on the ride there but thankfully it stopped upon arrival.

Went to Antoinette!

Praline macaron 😀
Praline’s the flavour I always choose.

Walked on and found a really pretty cake shop!

It was quite crowded in there so I didn’t get the chance to eat there…
I must come here and try their cakes next time because they look good and Hazel’s also recommended it!

Adjacent is Oakham Market.
It was all to me shocking.

Walked on.


Went to Shots Café!
Prior to today I found out about this place and was keen on trying out their coffee!

Hazelnut latte kept me waiting for about 10 minutes but I had no rush so I was really calm about it.
Tastes lovely 🙂
Hazelnut flavour wasn’t very distinct though.
Left when I finished my coffee.
I was the only one there who’s without company and the most casually-dressed and with the most undone makeup.

Found this beautiful bookstore, Woods In The Books 🙂
It’s really pretty inside 😀
Came out and it was pouring!
Went into 7-Eleven and bought me a waste of a dollar.

So cute!!
I had 9 bands instead of the supposed 8 because there was a duplicate.

Then I found a really nice cookware shop, Pantry Magic!

I kind of died when I saw this 😀
If I had my own kitchen I’d probably buy lots of stuff from here.

Went to Tiong Bahru after that.

Walked around and found a café with the exact same welcome sign as Kki!
Both shops caught my eye with that sign so I guess I really like that sign.

Giant, like really really giant, crabs.

Found Tiong Bahru Bakery!

Must eat here one day.


Dinnered at Old Tiong Bahru Bak Kut Teh with mummy!
Love the soup so much.

Ordered tau kee this time around! 😀
Love love love tau kee!

Ok that’s all!
I love being a tourist in Singapore!
And today’s my last day as a tourist in Singapore because I’m going back to Ngee Ann Polytechnic!
Yes, I’m a Singaporean who doesn’t know very much about Singapore so I think it’s perfectly fine to label myself a tourist.
And school begins tomorrow, or rather, later.
This means I’ll be having less good food (read less blog posts) and I’m gonna be sad…
Until… the next holiday! 🙂
To be honest, I’d love a life of holidays (of course with a free flow of cash and knowledge) because I can’t get bored!
Even if I claim I were bored, I am really not.
Hope my future’s like eat, eat, eat, play, play, play, sleep, sleep, sleep… You get the gist.