Kinsa Sushi

I just found photos I’ve forgotten in my camera. For a hella long time.

Went to Kinsa Sushi with Lynette one day. Buy 2 free 1 lunch promotion and these two beasts had the same thoughts man!!! Of course we got 1.5 each πŸ˜€
Her chirashi don with a flower. She loves it.
My tempura set.
Our beef set. But she just stole all the beef ;__;
It’s really good!!! The sauce is bae!
Then I remember we took a cab to Orchard because she’s too rich and the weather was too ridiculous.
Don’t know what we did… ??

Bae baumkuchen ice-cream πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Don’t even remember when or where I had this chicken rice because it was so long ago??? I don’t even remember whether or not it was good???

Snaffles ice-cream πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

??? What is this T____T Where is it from??????
And this coffee. ??????
This post is so useless HAHAHAHAHAHA???

Some chicken salad at The King Louis!
I only remember this because of the mushroom soup!
Like how can I forget when one of the bestest mushroom soups I’ve found in Singapore suddenly cut their portions by about half FFFFFFFF 😦
Btw this chicken is really yummy!!

Chai Ho satay my love.

Earlier this year at Kith Cafe with Charmaine.
Doing business and all y’allllllll!!!!!!
Yum 5eva.
Frankly I’ve yet to find a tiramisu better than the one Hazel made for me the first time ;__; She is now in Perth and so is the tiramisu that could’ve been… T___T

AD TIME!!!!!
The said business between Charmaine and I is Kumo Doodles where we sell stickers we illustrate. Please follow @kumo.doodles!!!

Tapaoing Guzman y Gomez because close to where I stay and HELLA YUMMY!!!!!!!
This is also the first time I look at Mexican food with interest ok!!

Ok the end.
I have a Finland post in mind but I haven’t got time to look through my photos or videos yet. I WILL SOON!!!
And then I’m going to Japan so ANOTHER POST!!!! I just don’t know which I should compose first when my return :/


When I had the car to myself for 2 days and then 4 days

Of course I made sure I fully utilised it while I could. I took days off work and had a vacation in Singapore πŸ˜€

Day 1:

Went to
The Tiny Roaster and got a white brew made by Hazel πŸ˜€ YAY πŸ˜€

Went to pick up Amanda and Hilary and then we went to Riders Cafe for lunch because seriously you need a car to eat the yums. And I miss the food!!

Truffle fries!

Bricked chicken!

Riders burger!

Moroccan lamb shank!
Then they go home…

Planned to zichar high level with Hazel at Farmart but I was too full from lunch T____T

So we ate bee hoon and shrimp omelette only. Walao.
Then she go home…

Got Lynette from Orchard and went to Cha Cha Cha for supper with the rest. Waste time leh just now -__-

Of course I couldn’t eat much…
Then we went to Hilary’s place and played a round of The Game of Life hahaha Lynette was a sad lonely infertile woman who at the end still had to adopt children LOL.

Nacho!!! Poppy was to black to show up in photos… Cats are so scary :/

Day 2:

Drury Lane with Marissa and Joe!

They forgot about my coffee for hella long until after all the food’s gone :/

Then we went to Cake Spade for the unicone cakeshake. It was like diabetes in a jar. It’s amazing Joe eats this thing.

Ok then I had to send them back and go pick up my mum lol.

The Prata Place @ Springleaf is like ok only but it’s so crowded!!

The plain one is good but

the prata benedict is just ???? what.

Hard Rock Cafe for Marissa’s 20th πŸ˜€

Meat sauce omurice at Watanabe Coffee is so damn good T___T

I also have very low resistance to Japanese sweets so I got this damn good Hokkaido cream thing T___T

Yum coffee

Al Afrose because back to work again .__. Nice chicken murtabak I eat every time πŸ™‚

Mayor 5eva!

I love the soup at Kenny Rogers lol.


Day 1:

Exciting excitement with the excited!! At Bollywood Veggies!!! πŸ˜€

Poison Ivy for breakfast because farmer time πŸ˜€

It was drizzling when we started walking around but we didn’t care…

At the last stretch we had to run to shelter because it started pouring like hell but we were at the end of the trail anyway πŸ™‚
Then we lepak waiting for the rain to stop (it wouldn’t) and I’m like how about we just move on to the next place?

Hay Dairies because Amanda really wanted to buy goat’s milk lol -___-

So smelly but so cute!! πŸ˜€

We went around Kranji and its farms like the frog place and plant place and we went to have dinner? I can’t remember hahaha…
OH!!! We went to Pasir Ris!!! Some pet farm! SO MANY CUTE PERSIAN KITTIES!!!!! T____T I wasn’t allowed to take photos T__T
Then we went to look for dinner!!

Got a calzone at Peperoni Pizzeria and I died.

Day 2:

Went to the zoo!!!!!! πŸ˜€ Because Jes has free tickets AND free parking tickets!!!! YAY!!!!! YAY JES!!!!
First time I went without a camera which is actually really great because I carry less stuff and I suck at taking animal photos lol… I’m not even gonna lie…

Saw the baby giraffe πŸ˜€
I’m shorter than it :’)

I fell in love with the koalas ;___;

They my fave ;_____;
Ok lunch was discounted!!!!!!!!!! THANKS JES!!!!!!

Chicken chop burger πŸ˜€

Inuka pancakes πŸ˜€ cos so cute πŸ˜€

Become Inuka.

We went to watch a movie… What did we watch? The Hunger Games?

Dinner (supper?) at Casuarina Curry YUMMMMM!!!!!

Day 3:

Boon Lay Power nasi lemak with Jasmine and Jia Ling.

Then we went to Tomntoms Coffee for bingsu. No…
Douglas and Clarissa joined us and played silent mahjong lol.

Then we went to Astons for dinner?
What a lame food hopping day ?!??!

Then I went to Capella to celebrate Chara’s 21st!!! πŸ˜€
I was damn good at big fish small fish man πŸ™‚

Day 4:

Lol I went to work .__. Then I went to the airport to pick my mum up.
Then we went to Old Airport Road for dinner! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

$10 of chee cheong fun. SHIOK!!!!

Why aren’t all our crossings framed with this?

Ok then no more car.
I love driving.

Monochrome Fusion Bistro

Wow what is this blogging about a day on the same day :O
Wow! That’s mainly because I wanted to upload pictures on Flickr to facilitate blogging then I just K.

So I met Don late evening for not lunch not dinner at Monochrome Fusion Bistro. He had motives being so bent on going to that rather new place. LOL.
Shared this snapper loin cha soba! Thought the soba was way too overcooked. Bonito flakes smelled damn good though!
The fish is so yummy!!!
He ordered a slice of black velvet cake.
Tastes like Oreos. I’m no fan of the whole red (now black) velvet thing really… There are so many nice flavours out there.

Right after leaving the place, we went for xiao long baos!
10 for $5.50 hell yeah!!!
Presentation < DTF
Taste and value > DTF πŸ˜€
Went to VivoCity and watched Cinderella spontaneously and omg stupid prince can’t even remember her face?
Chatted more over Carl’s Jr’s fries and then went home.

Ok, and here are the original non-square photos of yesterday’s post!!!

Lam Bee Restaurant:

Itacho Sushi:

By the way, I totally love tang hoon but I forgot about them while I was busy eating the other stuff then it disintegrated and I cri.

The Assembly Ground

New Udon Thai Food:
None of us ate liver so we swapped it out for more chicken!!!! Ch1ck3n 4eva \m/
The whole thing costed about $65 or so and Amanda’s mum insisted on paying despite Cheryl and I throwing money into Amanda’s bag -___- then kena caught -____- Thanks auntie 😦




Asanoya Bakery:

Ok the end πŸ˜€


The Beginning of Schoollessness

Hello. Just sharing the recent stuff because I have been hibernating and I’m just trying to blog stuff before I spam Instagram in Japan and have to scroll more to find outdated Instagram pictures.

After the last paper, my group mates were finally free to go out together. Everyone except Keyang and me are super busy with leadership stuff or whatever the whole time. Even Keyang has friends to hang out with once in a while. And the whole time I’m just like “yes” to any of their “are you free”s and I realised I have turned down many notions of socialising because of school projects and also because many friends were then busy working.

Anyway look at everyone looking really happy because school’s out! Except me. I look like death.

Hazelnut and pistachio gelato! Finally tried these from Alfero and while it’s super smooth and rich, I didn’t think of it as highly as all my peers did because I really prefer some texture to my ice-creams/gelatos.

So the day after my last paper was CNY eve.
I was really sad because after the tiring semester I couldn’t hibernate yet. For a week.

Steamboat for reunion lunch!
That huge plate of taukee is obviously mine. Pity I didn’t finish the whole thing T____T If I remember correctly only half the plate was added into the pot.

Dinner that night was Domino’s pizza because I was craving for pizza terribly for a few days lol.

They have this new chicken thing so I tried this golden Mexican chicken. The concept is definitely bae because they replaced pizza dough with chicken, which is totally genius.
Except it was sooooo tiny!!! I know, it’s a side. But they really should consider making it a main because chicken.

Then the day after CNY, I went to Hat Yai as covered in my previous post.

I put on this Isshindo Honpo animal face pack I got from Tokyu Hands! Really pricey though… $15 for 2 sheets!! 😦
I believe this is the first ever facial mask I’ve ever put on. Trying to resurrect my complexion but I think it’s too late.

I have never taken so many selfies on my own phone before. Usually I take 1 or 2, in the rare occasions that I do. When on others’ phones, the numbers can range from 30 to 400. So ya, don’t leave your phones unattended.

Ok backstory. I finally bought a FlashAir. It’s great that I can now post photos on Instagram with high DOF instantly. Ok that explains some pictures you see here. Sad thing is because I’m lazy and grab these pictures from Instagram, they’re all in squares and lower quality lol. Ok end of backstory.

I tried to look for a job. I’m terrible at it. Why???? Anyway, I didn’t get the job.
So when I went for the interview in the eastern side of Singapore, I had to eat something I haven’t tried.

Seng Yang once said there was this “best chicken rice” in MacPherson so of course I had lunch at this Lam Bee Restaurant.
I always check-in on Foursquare so I see tips too and apparently everyone thinks the char siew here is the bomb. Seng Yang never mentioned char siew at all by the way. So I added char siew la.

What the shit. The char siew here is so yummy!! It’s not tough/dry and has the awesome smoky taste. The chicken was not bad but not better than Wee Nam Kee though. So, don’t trust your friends, trust the Internet.
Then I had nothing to do, and no friends too. I wasn’t going to waste a trip in the east like that, going home right away. But it was really humid that day.

So I went to Changi Airport. Mostly for the aircon. I should’ve gone to Bedok instead on hindsight, since there are many yummy stuff there. Dammit.
Sat at the gallery of T2 and read a book then went for dinner. At Itacho Sushi. I thought I was looking for new stuff -___- but it’s ok.

Favourite must-order kani chawanmushi!

Ebi tempura handroll. Their handrolls are always so crisp. BAE.

Tako and inari. (I put these two on a plate myself) I was just hoping they’d serve all my sushi on a plate.

Tamago. They wouldn’t.

Aburi salmon. I asked for without mayonnaise but look! I ate it anyway because it was little. I’ve had them here before but what I’d do is eat it really fast before I taste anything horrid. The semi-raw fish already encourages 1-chew eating. I really gotta do something about this before going to Japan lol.


Bought my favourite cereal. If you’ve not eaten Post’s honey bunches with oats then please do. You’re welcome.

Saw these at FairPrice too. When I’m in Japan I will allow myself to splurge and indulge in strawberries. Just once this one time. Can’t wait T___T and also need lots of money to go repeatedly (dreaming) but I’m jobless remember.

I need about this much. Not dried cuttlefish. I need money. Then I can go travel the world πŸ˜€ (cries)

Was going around Orchard with Yuxuan before heading to Serangoon.

Lunched at Watami and set lunch prices are something I really miss!! I really ought to head out for lunch more often because dinner prices stink lol.

Gyuniku sukiyaki turned out way too filling and I couldn’t finish it. And dinner was only hours away.

I got lost in the wild on the way to the steamboat dinner.

I found my way. Very swaggy.

Steamboat after louhei! Funniest having a Muslim at a CNY dinner because one pot was to be kept Halal and the unfortunate gluttons there had to eat meat with a pork basket, in which we delivered pork to the other end of the table LOL.

Anyway, I brought these lukans to bainian. Then when they returned it to me, a bunch of us started to eat it. Because it was wrinkly and airy and everyone was curious. Is this the terrible future of CNY for the younger generations or what.

Then the next day was hopping around Singapore visiting. I forgot to bring oranges LOL.

The next day, Amanda was returning from Maldives!!!!!! Missed her so much πŸ™‚

Went to Hard Rock to look for Yuxuan before going to the airport together.
That’s where I blogged one third of the Hat Yai post. I was a total freeloader that day.
Used free Internet sitting in a free private office (business centre lol) in Yuxuan’s hoodie because it was really cold in there.

I paid for these awesome chicken wings at the Rock Bar. Really fat though. But yummy. Ate the whole plate till I nearly died. Then Yuxuan came and said she was dismissed early. I wanted to leave her some wings but it was 30 minutes ahead of time and it would’ve turned cold! Darn.
Then I shared a cab ride paid by Yuxuan to the airport and then drank tea (and was forced to eat some) (even after soloing a plate of wings) with Amanda’s family. Also got the cutest angpow ever! I don’t think I even said any gong xi fa cai to her mum because I was too surprised. We weren’t there to bainian. I’m sorry lol. Belated gong xi fa cai.

I tried to make cup udon and for the first time I couldn’t. The pictures wouldn’t even help me because they had microwaving instructions. I don’t have a microwave oven. How. So I freestyled and it turned out not very yummy T_T I can’t believe I’m saying this of JAS-marked food. They’re always yummy T_T why not this T_T

In the same week, I met Amanda again. Her mum too! Hahaha and Cheryl. There was supposed to be 3 others but they lame.

Mookata at New Udon Thai Food! I’ve not tried many mookata places around Singapore but I can say this is the best I’ve had. Don’t know how they marinate their chicken but OMG take me now! I mean I suggested this place when Amanda said she wanted mookata. Omg I miss this…

Amanda gave me Maldives sand and an anklet/bracelet/string thing πŸ˜€ I wanna go to Maldives too. Hearing her talk about snorkelling there is soooooo bae.

Then went to brunch with Hazel and Keyang at The Assembly Ground. I was late. I’m terrible. The last semester really destroyed me.

My brunch after the two finished. While at it, another Hazel joined us.

We shared truffle fries and it’s really good!!!! There are only a few places I find the truffle fries good and I haven’t stumble upon any since Au Chocolat but this has made it into my mental list πŸ˜€
They were trying to celebrate my birthday in advance. Under Keyang’s wallet was a pack of candles which stuck out like a sore thumb it was the first thing I spotted when I got there. The first Hazel snuck out and got a slice of tiramisu really neatly, at that I was surprised.
I don’t have a picture of it lol. Truth is, the tiramisu couldn’t compare to the one the second Hazel (Liem) made for me once. Honestly, she makes amazing tiramisu. Don’t know how to describe. It’s like a tiramisu benchmark. Hope she really opens a cafΓ© and issues me the “Platinum Casia card free food 4ever and even a special table” she promised me. She sent me this two-iPhone5-screen long birthday text and it was so nice ;___; It was so nice ;___; It was a digital hug plus many memories ;___; so nice ;_____; “Platinum Casia card free food 4ever and even a special table” oh my gosh!

Bought some mt wrap because they were 1-for-1 and finally reasonable. This is genius. Really.
Let me show you a video of it:

I love the parfait from Snaffles. But Lynette had to call me just as I was about to take a picture of it so it melted so much before I could. I have a fresh one on my camera but I didn’t use that. It will go into another post.

Went to Sentosa with Amanda and Lynette for dinner. That’s Amanda thinking she’s still in Maldives.

Dinner at Trapizza and they have changed somehow. They are now off my mental pizza list. By the way, the Pasta Fresca at Rochester is gone and I’m sad!

Lynette bought me the black tote when she was in London! She brought it in the huge paper carrier. Not entirely sure why but I think it has to do with a conversation when I was trying to guess which tote.

Birthday cake is Berry Berries from Flor Patisserie! Love their cakes a lot because the cream is never too heavy and their fruits are never covered with the jelly film thing.
Got a letter from JCSS days before and saw my N5 results that I checked online months ago lol and the day after my birthday was the day I could collect my certificate!!!

This is like a birthday present. Actually am appalled that I got A for all three sections although the scores are kinda meh. Anyway I should revise and study for N4/N3 or something.
Was out changing currency and collecting this before meeting Jiaen and Fiona and Nicole. I overslept 4 hours and was terribly late LOL given the errands I had to run before meeting them. Goddammit please revert.
They sort of coerced me into those room escape games. I mean it’s really fun online but paying $22 for a real life one is really a rip-off and they paid for me as a birthday gift. The props were really lame and we got all the keys anyway.

Dinner at Wala Wala and I don’t think I can ever be sick of this place.
Yuxuan is head over heels in love with 53A’s guitarist Alvin and that was the first time we heard him solo a song and omg the voice and the riffs and omg he followed me on Instagram and LOL Yuxuan was so envious. I can’t wait to wala again πŸ™‚
By the way, the chicken oregano pizza is yummy but I hadn’t known because I was blinded by the chicken wings. Also, they changed the menu and the dory chunks are gone!!!! 😦 But they have truffle fries now and while it’s not super bae, it suffices.

(over)Cooked spaghetti and tamagoyaki sausage. Going back to the kitchen after so long and I’m just like ?????? and I don’t think I want to cook again. That’s what I always feel after cooking and then even more when washing, but I will still cook sometime after.

Some day’s dinner at favouritest Ootoya.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned because I haven’t blogged in so long but their chawanmushi is really so yummy now after they changed something – so smooth so sweet so better. Before that I used to consider ordering sets only when I am not eating a riced dish but now I have no choice but to order sets.

Musi nabe! Just a concoction of oishii πŸ˜€

Zenzai milk. I love everything I’ve eaten here omg.
Went to Jurong East to stroll because I was bored after dinner.

Went to take a cheese tart from Flor, which I was supposed to collect together with my cake but didn’t. Yum forever.

Went skating and ended up at Buona Vista. Fell down uphill. LOL.
Caught up with Marissa who was off work sick and had an unpleasant dinner there.

Met her again the next day when she was working because I went out with Joe and he forced me to buy him a birthday cupcake. PLUS COFFEE. Bitch.
I’m almost certain he suggested going out only because he wanted a gift, which I conveniently did not make for him yet. (SO I GOT HOME AND STARTED MAKING IT LA. My fingers hurt and it’s 2/3 done as of now.)
Anyway, Marissa gave me free coffee supposedly wastage lol.

Before that, I had Sunday Folks‘ pistachio cone and THEY CHANGED THEIR CONES!!! I’m so sad! 😦 It’s not as nice as it was before 😦

Then I went to SAM because there was a Kyototo workshop at Supermama with embroidery patches so I went to check it out.

Got this picture off their Facebook hahahaha I was blinded by the cuteness and spent $17 on making some earrings! That’s me ironing the patches on felt.

I was way too early so the place was relatively empty but when I was letting it dry, the whole place was so crowded!!


Had my dinner at Asanoya Bakery.

I was really sad after when I realised how little and unmeaty my day’s meals had been!

Anyway, this place is awesome. Really neat and pretty. Seems like a chill place to past time.

Melon pan is yum πŸ˜€

Think I got this loaf for $1 or $2. I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s so soft and yummy and it’s wholemeal! Can you imagine if it were white bread!!!!! I really wanna have some bread from here again. It’s just that I don’t know when I’ll have the mood to sit around with bread. I don’t know, maybe a book day.

Anyway, look at these giant grapes!

Ok the end. It’s 6am. No wonder I’m always oversleeping. Goodnight!!!!!!!!!


The Missing Pan

Went to The Missing Pan on Deepavali because mummy suggested it and I’m not turning down free brunch πŸ˜€
The other time we were here we missed the brunch menu T_T
But now that I’ve eaten this, I kind of need to return.
Soy flat white!
Coffee smells great but with soy it tasted quite strange.
I shouldn’t randomly soy my coffees next time…

I didn’t want to post my food on Instagram until I had the photos from my camera but then the plate sort of instructed me to lol…
I ordered the French toast salpicon and it’s the most splendid fusion of savoury and sweet in a dish ever.
Fruits were all really fresh and they had goreng pisang (they call it banana nuggets awwwww ^_^) to win my heart over lol…
Strawberry-smoked maple syrup tasted unboring and it’s not super sweet and super thick like other maple syrups. LIKEZ.
French toast was great!! I hate those places with French toast with barely-there eggs man.
Inside I found chicken, spinach and mushrooms and they’re so tasty ;___;
Couldn’t taste much of the spinach though… but the others more than make up for it.
Omg the chicken.
I want to eat this every other day man…
The boss, Grace (whom I remember from a birthday party during my internship) asked me about it and all I replied was “It’s good.”
Lol I am so sorry… I think she expected more but here’s the more now…

Then she recommended the rosemary focaccia which I was staring at a lot.
Bought it and it was humongous.
Tossed the last third away today because it’s been 4-5 days and I don’t know how long it’d last.

Smells really good and it’s a pity I was too… lazy to heat it up before making my sandwiches.

One day I made a sandwich with eggs and only eggs because I had no other stuff at home .___.

Another day I made a sandwich with ham and tomato slices πŸ˜€ HAM πŸ˜€
8 slices πŸ˜€

And this morning, I recreated the sandwich but with the normal plain loaf.
8 slices HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I should try more next time.

Also decided to clear my jar of Nutella since I had bananas at home.
SO YUMMY but I was so stuffed after.

Today’s small dinner part ii was Nissin’s seafood noodle but the Japanese version.
This $4 cup tastes better than the $2 ones in terms of broth flavour and noodle texture, as always when it comes to Japanese instant noodles.

On Thursday night, I went to the Shiseido sale after school and watched my money leave me T_T
And then I was craving for Japanese food and then I saw some Japan exhibition at Orchard Central so I took a look.
A really nice Japanese dude started introducing me to the stuff laid out and I wanted to buy some of the socks but I just blew $75 I couldn’t spend more on something that isn’t my dinner… T___T
So while I was hunting for my Japanese dinner, some lady thrusted a flyer at me and I looked and omg it was hotpot for $9.90 and I was all like WHY NOT!!!!!
(I should know $9.90 was a great reason to NOT, since it was a good gauge of its quality…) (I regret this)
So I headed to Shi Li Fang (a restaurant whose name I can’t even pronounce was another good reason to NOT).
I like the concept of personal hotpot because it’s very me – table for one LOL, share table with friends LOL, etc.

So I ordered the beef tenderloin set for $9.90 and an additional shilifang specialty chicken thing since meat and seafood were 50% off…
I shouldn’t have. The chicken was spicy.
Anyway, that’s not the point.
The broth I got was tonic chicken soup or something and it’s just does not taste as nice as its name suggests.
The beef looks terrible, just bad, like it’s not beef, I can’t describe it well.
The thick bee hoon was a very strange white and had a strange texture and a strange taste and it just breaks and it’s just no.
Nothing made me happy except the price.
I guess it’s like a hotpot version of Saizeriya…
The whole while I was eating it I was facing Tonkichi, which was just a store away.
Can you imagine my plight?!?!?!?!

Friday had a meeting with the client for our final year project T_T
It’s only the first week of school and we’re actively staying back after school to discuss stuff omg T_T

Anyway, I tried a new wanton mee stall in school, RedRing Wanton Mee.
It’s a blogged store LOL so I tried LOL and…
The char siew is so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The wanton is ok only…
And I went home. And then I went out again because Yuxuan asked me out.
She was craving the pistachio ice-cream from Sunday Folks, which the other day she told me she disliked because it was too strong and she didn’t fancy pistachios in the first place.

I, too, got my favourite pistachio cone ^_^

Also took a picture with this wall, which Yuxuan first laughed at T_T

Yesterday I went to collect my race pack, which you, if you don’t already know, will soon see that it’s really lame.
Me? Running? 5km? Please.
Then I went to L’EntrecΓ΄te for lunch with Lynette!

Le poulet with steak sauce πŸ˜€
Yummy enough. I love the fries πŸ˜€
I should return for their steak and fries (and with my camera). They’re called the steak and fries bistro after all.

Also, I should bear in mind not to give in to the $9 bottle of Evian because my finances do not support any lifestyle inclusive of expensive drinking water. Yet.

Then I headed to Sentosa for site recce with my group!
So hot T_T

Discussed work over not-very-yummy pizza at Bora Bora Margarita Bar (which has a sign that says Bistro 42 and it’s so confusing).
Then we left…
And I met Lynette again -______-
And we had dinner at PoulΓ©t because we couldn’t think of anywhere to eat???

I ordered the duck au vin.
Yummy! Meat slides right off the bones too πŸ˜€
To be honest, I find it better than the poulet roti which is what most people eat there (right?).
Then we went to Carl’s Jr for fries πŸ˜€
Then we had to go home because Lynette got a call and anticipate scoldings lol… Typical curfew prisoner ;_;

Ok, the end.
2nd week of school’s tomorrow.
Bye 😦


W39 Bistro & Bakery

Spent the whole of yesterday caught up on the selection of timetables because the school’s system screwed up and caused so much trouble 😑
Today I woke up early too, to select an elective module.
So troublesome 😦

Anyway, last night I walked to W39 Bistro & Bakery to meet Marissa for dinner and some catching-up! πŸ˜€
The dinner part was mainly for me because I didn’t consider the fact that it wasn’t a Halal-certified place but then again she said she didn’t really wanted to eat although she could’ve.
That aside, going out with her is great because we talk so much and I feel like we do not have enough time to chat sufficiently…
We do not converse through messaging much either.
I love it man.

I ordered duck confit πŸ˜€
Most of the items on the menu sounded great though, so I’ll probably return to try them out some time.

Thought this was not bad although there was one bit that wasn’t crispy at all but totally fat 😦
Meat was very tender and considering French cuisine isn’t its specialty I think it’s alright πŸ™‚
Flavour wasn’t very strong as compared to others I’ve tried.
Might I add that the mashed potatoes were the chunky sort and I like eating those πŸ˜€
Didn’t eat much of the salad though…

Being the honest and totally awesome person I am, I reminded Marissa I owed her $28 for the pizza I had the last time we met.
She was entirely skeptical of it although she’s the one benefitting from this.

So I paid for her apple crumble and returned her the remainder in cash πŸ˜€
I hereby present myself the Very Damn Good Friend Award πŸ˜‰

Got myself the rainbow cake for aesthetic purposes although Marissa advised against it.
When I first discovered its existence in 2010, I wanted one so badly but nowhere in Singapore sells them.
My mum also refused to bake it or let me bake it so I watched as my hopes and dreams vapourised into the abyss of darkness.
Then a few years ago, it started popping out EVERYWHERE!
Everyone was eating it and raving about it and I still haven’t come close to any.
Then last weekend my mum saw a picture of a rainbow cake in a magazine and asked me where it can be bought.
Fast forward to yesterday, I saw the cake so I decided I needed a closure.

My verdict?
It’s horrid.
I don’t know man, after 4 years of yearning a slice (and losing hope promptly after the discovery), I never once thought about how plain it would taste in contrast to its very vivid and exciting exterior.
I remember looking for recipes back then and I know it’s a super plain cake except that it looks totally totally tripping.
So ya, I guess you either have to close your eyes to eat it, or eat it with a blocked nose and blame the blocked nose.
Otherwise, it’s basically a slice of disappointment coated in rainbow rice.

Bought a slice of crunchy hazelnut home because it sounded and looked sort of promising…
Ate it today and was so upset 😦
It’s totally not crunchy and I couldn’t even taste any hazelnut very much if at all!
It’s all chocolate to me and it’s not even very rich chocolate :/
So maybe what I felt about the rainbow cake is all phony and I have to have another slice somewhere more renowned for it (recommend some if you know please) or something.

Before I ate the cake today I made myself instant noodles for lunch.
After yesterday’s dinner I walked to Marissa’s area and bought some groceries (which are about to be completely depleted soon).
Thought I’d give the Singapore’s CQYD a try to make sure the amazing made-in-Japan one that I had previously was amazing simply because of its origin.

Japanese one on the left, Singaporean one on the right.
One look and you know which one has a better tasting broth.
Don’t really know how much one packet of the Japanese one costs but I’m sure it’s more than the $2.50 I paid for a bundle of 5.
Taste wise, please splurge if you know what’s good for you.
(I mean that for both the noodles and the broth)
The kick is just not there T_T

Yesterday’s groceries include 3 russet potatoes for $1.
I had in mind to make some oven fries but then I found out I had no garlic nor parsley so I postponed that recipe for another time lol…

Had a go at Hasselback potatoes!!
It did not turn out as crispy as I’d expected…
It did not look golden either .__.
That’s thinly sliced potatoes, brushed with lots of butter (in between the flaps too) and some olive oil, salt and black pepper.
Baked it for 1 hour 15 minutes or so…
I shall try again someday .___.
That was my dinner and so all the food I had today was disappointing… Dammit.

Found a zillion photographs of me when I was little a few days ago.

2 to 3 years old and looking cute even with a drum handle up a nostril…

3 (or 4) years old and looking very happy doing nothing except standing on the swing .__.

Also might have killed a duckling at a tender age of 2.

Also had awesome face AND hair at 6 years old.
I absolutely resent my puberty.

Have a nice day πŸ˜€




So yesterday I tried baking myself my own birthday cake…
In the form of a deco roll, because it is soooooo cute and I spent so much time since my discovery of its existence watching videos of it and all that.

In the end I decided to follow Ochikeron’s tutorial since it was the easiest to follow (and in English)…

It’s really difficult to take pictures of any cooking/baking process; I can’t imagine how these YouTubers do it!!!
I’ve tried making a 15-second video (for IG) of Popin’ Cookin’ once and I was like “NEVER AGAIN!!!”
And… you’ll probably suspect my baking sucks since I have not even sounded proud throughout…

Like 50% of the surface stuck to my parchment paper and whatever’s left is wrinkly like a pug omg…
So I was piping (already gave up hope even before this stage) “happy birthday to me” and a bunch of strawberries everywhere and you could probably see I didn’t even try to make it pretty anymore HAHAHAHAHAHA

To be honest my cake pan was a little bigger than what the recipe was for and my cake was super thin lol…

But it’s beautiful inside!!!!
So I chilled it overnight and had it this evening.

The cake was super hard and what the hell…
Normally, I’ll be very lenient to myself and like everything I make but this… this is just edible enough to me… so I think this pretty much is erm no to the whole world LOL.
Thank god I didn’t try to bring some for my friends I met with tonight if not THERE GOES OUR FRIENDSHIPS.
I think I’ll just stick to cooking. And perhaps baking cupcakes (because I’ve made them before and it’s yummy)…

Anyway, mum’s friend got me some nutty bar and nama chocolates! πŸ˜€

At midnight, Yuxuan stuck a lit candle into a banana and sang me a birthday song through Oovoo!!!!

Before meeting my friends for dinner I went to Tomica wonderland Let’s Play and who would’ve thought that small shop can be so packed because apparently the whole world loves Tomica or something ^_^

Got myself the Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster and Subaru 360 after browsing the whole store and pretty much wanting half of everything and mostly the vintage cars which are all around $40 each which is like NO!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

So now my fairly new collection is just growing cuter and cuter albeit small but shut up I have to juggle my money with food and clothes and CDs and my endless discovery of new hobbies which are all goddamn expensive?!?!?!

Also got myself a little Kumamon plush keychain and a Britto pencil case (on impulse but whatever, it’s my birthday)!
Thinking of going back to buy the little Kumamon pouch and cardholder (I hesitated T_T) because it’s $15 and goddamn cute and usable.

Dinner at Wild Honey because Joe was so bloody adamant about dining there he made a reservation all of a sudden and boom no one can decide against it LOL!

Tried the European breakfast which is well, eggs Benedict.
It’s all good just that one egg had yolk that didn’t run and I was kinda bummed out…
Had desserts at 2am:dessertbar to end the day!

Tiramisu was really yummy! πŸ˜€

Chocolate H2O was even better, in my opinion, because while individually it tastes super rich (as all their ice-creams do) and overwhelming, the yuzu and dark chocolate and salted caramel complemented one another very well πŸ˜€

Tahitian vanilla, sorbet du jour (apple) and valrhona chocolate!
Vanilla remains my favourite and, after having the desserts I think that the ice-creams were even more ridiculously priced than I thought so before…

Ok that’s all that happened today!!
I think I’ll work on another post right now for the food I haven’t yet blogged about! πŸ˜€


The Providore & Peperoni Pizzeria

Hell of a month filled with stuff to do but here I am blogging just because.

So today I woke up early (without difficulty, if I may add) to head to Orchard for some table-for-one breakfast.
I initially wanted to eat at Dean & Deluca because I wanted to try other stuff on the menu but when I got there at 10am, which I researched was its opening hour, it was still sort of unopened with a staff meeting ongoing.
So I left…
Found some of my friends at the entrepreneurial bazaar at *Scape to leave my laptop with before I head to Wild Honey.
However, before I could reach Wild Honey, I spotted The Providore smack right in front of the escalator I took.
It was fairly crowded, implying that they were serving breakfast and I saw on a table someone’s beautiful eggs Benedict.
So I had my breakfast there πŸ˜€
I have to say I was thoroughly intrigued by the salt and pepper grinder.
Turning it one way grinds the salt and the other the pepper.
MAGIC (physics).
I ordered the English breakfast (there are sauteed mushrooms under the bread)!
Overall I thought it was decent except for the pork sausage which was really lumpy and fatty and just no.
Mushrooms were tasty too!
The fried eggs were divine and they tasted wonderful paired with buttered sourdough.

I was just really unhappy my precious yolk were dripping all over the plate instead of in my mouth.
If I do return I’ll probably give the eggs Benedict a try.

After that I went to Oriole Cafe and Bar to get my favourite vanilla latte πŸ™‚

That’s more than a Venti’s price for less than a Tall!
But it’s worth it πŸ˜€
Spent the rest of my day loitering at the booths and for a very short time, discussing some schoolwork.
I was really broke having spent more than $50 in no more than 2 hours before noon so as much as I’d like to support my friends’ businesses (jk, not really), I couldn’t.
However, Fiona got me a doge sticker πŸ˜€ HAHAHAHAHAHA

When I came home I did a little DIY on the Muji CD case I bought after breakfast.
Used some adhesive letters I found in my craft stash and tried to make out whatever words I could with the letters I have left.
Had to edit some letters to form the “H” and “O” I lacked.

As the bazaar was ending soon, I was involved in an intense battle of country erasers with Bernard.
Didn’t know I was so skillful until today, despite losing.
Not sure if it’s a consolation or what but he treated me clearance ice-cream from someone’s booth.
See, I couldn’t afford $1 ice-cream.
Then I had dinner with Mariah!!! (I miss my TR03 so much, I swear it’s the best class ever)
Went to Fatman Satay at the Youth Park across.
I was so disappointed with the satay because it was $0.60 per stick, which I consider expensive, and its meat were minced and totally unenjoyable because I was about to rip off my first chunk but the whole slab just slid off the skewer??????
Not tender and tasted nothing like chicken too!
Couldn’t believe Lynette told me Fatman was better than Chai Ho Satay ($0.38/stick for the love of god)!!!! 😦
Perhaps the one here is different from the original (?) outlet?

2 days ago I went to Yoshimaru with Fiona and Jia En for dinner!
Wasn’t having the usual because I had a 50% off voucher for the shabu shabu butaniku ramen which I have had once and didn’t think much of it.

Well, it tasted better than my first time and yes I love the broth so much.
And the eggs.
And the sesame seeds.

3 days back I had dinner at Peperoni Pizzeria for the first time after hearing it being raved about by all my friends for so long.

Shared a 12″ diavola and prosciutto e funghi with the girls!
I thought the crust was too thin for my liking.
Diavola was good but the ham were so unevenly scattered and tough I wasn’t very pleased.
For this size I could get better prosciutto e funghi (and better crust duh) at half the price at Pasta Fresca!

The bolognese linguine was yummy!
Texture’s good and the parsley (or maybe not-parsley) added sweetness at times which was really nice but I don’t get how parsley can be sweet so what is that thing??????
Amount of sauce was perfect and tasted good πŸ˜€
But let’s just say it’s goddamn overpriced for pasta…

Anyway, I bought a new car when I was getting a birthday gift for Hazel for her to open after her practical test lol…

Got this gomashio-kun furikake a week ago cos the packaging was so cute and its name (literally sesame salt) was just so cute I had to get it.
Furikake makes rice better rice I love it.

Had this yummy duck rice in Clementi 3 weeks ago!
I don’t know what its name or the food court’s name is but I know where… that’s all that matters (to me).
Have yet to try it again cos I have conveniently forgotten its existence until I saw this picture πŸ˜›

And last month, I cooked this most perfect fried egg ever!
Couldn’t replicate it when I tried again days later T_T
Some of the whites were runny while the rest were just cooked and I seasoned it perfectly!
It was like a half-boiledfried egg!
Wish I heeded more when I cooked because tasting this fried egg again is pretty much a dream not attainable in the near future.

Ok abrupt end to this post with some beautiful golden tau sar piah

(Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah: 639 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329922)
(Address because I welcome anyone to buy me these during lecture lol)
(Oh shit, I’m not going to have lectures for a long while in a while)


Toby’s Estate & Yonehachi

Hello! It’s nearly a week into holidays and I have not started on any schoolwork and have spent more than what I am supposed to spend in 2 weeks in 3 days…

On Tuesday I went to Robertson Quay for brunch alone πŸ˜€
Walked to Toby’s Estate from Clarke Quay MRT like I always do and my shoes were already killing me T_T
Wasn’t a good day eating there… because the first thing I see is a notice stating its closure for a function in the afternoon which pisses me off although I’m not affected by the timing lol.

Then when I went in, the counter seats overlooking the river (that I have decided to seat myself the day before) were occupied by businessy people discussing stuff around the area or something.
Which leaves me the huge table in the middle or the outdoor seats.
Because of Singapore’s heat obviously I have to succumb to sitting with a bunch of people with me being alone alone.

Cafe latte because they don’t serve vanilla latte.
I should totally bring a canister of vanilla syrup wherever I go for times like these.
It was not bad though…

Toby’s breakfast which I find severely overpriced.
The only thing I liked were the eggs and toast.
The mushrooms were warm on top and dead cold below which was ridiculous!
It’s not those not-warm-anymore cold but those I-just-came-out-of-the-fridge cold??
And the whole place is so crowded T_T

Spent the rest of the day looking for Liberty shoes and they either do not have them in my size or at all. How is it that there are no Rachel De Thame Vans in my size when I don’t see anyone (but I?) in Singapore raving about Liberty at all?!?!?!?!
Dinnered at Yonehachi

Had the chicken katsu toji set with salmon okowa!
It’s rather delicious but so tiring to eat because I don’t know whether to focus on my chicken or rice and it seems like a meal on its own so I was having two meals concurrently and I was so confused.

On Wednesday I cannot believe I allowed Marissa to coerce me into going all the way to Bedok (I took a 1.5h bus ride wth) to have Ikea food when I could have eaten the same damn thing only 15 minutes away by bus.

(It’s so irritating when I keep reaching for the “alt” button thinking it’s “command” because I’m no longer used to windows)
Then we went to SAM for the Singapore Biennale 2013!

This huge pile of saga seeds is my favourite because I’ve collected a handful before.
Some exhibitions are just ridiculous (I’m sorry) like there’s this two-toned paper framed in a series placed in a gallery with another of what seems like dandruff on a black paper. ART.

The post-its were very entertaining though!

Went to DΓ΄me CafΓ© for early dinner.

Grilled porcini mushroom chicken!
There was a better chicken dish last time… This one was too thick and creamy for my liking.

And vanilla ice-cream πŸ˜€

Yesterday I went to Pasarbella with Joe and for the first time that place sort of had some life because it had more than 20 customers at one time o.o

At $5, I really think Charly T’s has the best fries ever!!

Got some vanilla and chocolate cappuccino gelato from Latte e Miele πŸ˜€
Walked around Orchard with $3 cherry tomatoes in our hands because we’re cool and stuff (and they were so yummy).
Baskin Robbins happened to be at the NAC civic plaza so randomly and had this wonderful flavour of ice-cream I’ve not seen before so I got it…

Wish I had gotten a bigger scoop T_T

Had nabeyaki udon at Sun with Moon for dinner just before the dinner crowd filled the queue…
Lunch is so much more worth it there because there’s a set and is cheaper! 😦

Some other days foods:

Lin Yuan satay at 85 Fengshan Centre.

Seng Hiang bak chor mee at 85 Fengshan Centre too.
It wasn’t as nice as what everyone makes it out to be, honestly.

Had some Lindor for the first time and I swear Lindt is growing on me so much they make wonderful chocolate ^_^ like the chocolate melted in my mouth and not figuratively melt but actually melting!!!!
And I wrecked it all placing it in the fridge 😦

Some prata that was actually quite yummy!

Doorstop and truffle fries from PS. Cafe at Paragon which didn’t have truffle oil at all????
And when they were sent back to the kitchen it returned drenched in the centre and I was so mad!!

Roast chicken burger from The Rotisserie and they have increased prices now 😦

Vanilla latte from Costa Coffee that wasn’t made by Seng Yang cos he wasn’t working (Costa coffee tastes better than Starbucks by the way).

Favourite hakata ramen at Yoshimaru with everyone one else who has no more common test after the law paper pretending I didn’t have another paper in 2 days lol.

Yaroa which was not bad (the pulled pork was awesome) from Sea Salt Caribbean Deli!
There was one day I studied with Fiona at Coronation Plaza and after that, we walked to Orchard LOLLLL with a stop at Food For Thought hahahahahaha it was crazy!!

Had the full works and never again because it was way too filling! 😦

Ok I was gonna share more food but then webstagram sort of crashed so… IT’S OKAY!!!!


Food For Thought & Tiong Bahru

Was about to blog about yesterday but I found a set of pictures taken long ago because I forgot about them…

So once upon a time, after school, Nicole, Jia En, Fiona and I took a bus to the Botanic Gardens.
Only to find that where we were heading was at another gate and the weather was much too warm for walking (or breathing).
So we flagged down a taxi and took a ride from Botanic Gardens to Botanic Gardens HAHAHAHAHAHAHA πŸ˜€
We went to Food For Thought for lunch!

Butter toast and sunny side ups!
This was really yummy and, filling too!

I was quite stupid and ordered these mixed berries pancakes too because the above sounded quite small a portion.
How wrong I was because when they both came I was like, oh shit what should I eat first!?!?!?
I had the pancakes after and was too full to finish it…
It wasn’t all that great anyway so I made the right choice!
It with the cream thingy was not bad but, ugh just no please.

I’ll probably return next month for some giant breakfast because it looks really good!!!

Ok so yesterday I went out with Yuxuan!
We went to Tiong Bahru for the sole purpose of having some bak kut teh but guess what?!?!?!?!
It was in Mandarin, it was red and on the glass directly (looks like some auspicious phrase or something, honestly), it was small, it was surrounded by posters…
Without Yuxuan I might have sat around waiting for them to open or something 😦
I really wanted some bak kut teh 😦

Before that, we went to Tiong Bahru Bakery because I missed my little kouign amann so much ^_^

YUM πŸ˜€

This is love in the form of carbohydrates.
Infinite thanks to Joe for introducing this disk to me!

Then we went to the market for Hwa Yuen Porridge!

Super love their porridge!!
I always have the shredded chicken one πŸ˜€
Then it poured 😦 and I took out my umbrella when we left…
So we crossed the road and… THE RAIN STOPPED.
God just wanted to wet my umbrella or something!??!?!

We then walked to Books Actually.

It is almost sad I was born in the wrong decade because I cannot fully attach myself to all these.
And the biggest bummer is that I didn’t grow up with music legends!
Thank god I found Queen and Styx and lots of old musicals thanks to YouTube yay!

When we got out it was raining again and I was like “wanna cab?” and she was like “ok” since someone just alighted at the shopfront.
So we went to Neil Road because at Books Actually we saw a advertisement about some exhibition at Math Paper Press and we had nothing to do.

The boxes are mighty cute I had to snap some pictures!

We walked to Ann Siang Road!!!
I think I’m now able to walk from Outram to Chinatown this is amazing!!!!
With more comfortable shoes and better weather another day, I might do it again πŸ˜€
Kki was closed and I wanted to die right there and then but we went to Shots
So the whole day I just went to places I’ve been to eat things I’ve had T_T
They had a cake and coffee set at $10 so I was like why not?

Vanilla latte πŸ˜€

Crumble top cheesecake
Tasted strange at first but it turned out good πŸ™‚
It was sad though, how they had only 2 cakes to choose from and the other being carrot cake…
So I was, in other words, coerced to get this cheesecake that was really helpful in description like “crumble top”
Yes, I can see that its top is crumbly but what does it taste like??
I still have no idea… just cheesecake.

After that we walked to some Chinatown building whatever its name is (they just -complex and -centre all the buildings and I give up)…
I bought 2 fat quarters and now I need some zippers to be able to sew up at least a pouch I had in mind…
Oh and I have an urge to buy a monogrammed and customised satchel from The Leather Satchel Co. so what the hell I need a job asap for 2 reasons…
One, because school requires me to gain 40 hours of experience of a job I might be tied to for about 3 months (oh god) and two, I need money for my material needs.
But $300 is not so bad compared to my other wants like the PS11 or the Alexa amongst a zillion others which would set me back by thousands which I don’t even have?!?!?!
Ugh life is hard…