TRM Study Trip to Brisbane & Gold Coast

(Stolen some photos from my friends here and there, but majority’s mine)

22 September 2013
Went to Changi Airport before noon and the check-in and briefing was really quick unlike those who went for OIP in Tian Jin!!
Wanted to shop around but our group was separated at some point and I was with Edna, Hilary and Amanda.

Found this thing called the Social Tree or something and we were all like what’s so social about this tree???


Unknowingly we spent all the time we had before boarding at this stupid station decorating our snap and flicking it onto the tree lol…

Behind me on the plane sat this super cutie pie little boy!!

Super cute!!!!!!!

Took a super long bus ride to the hotel in Gold Coast :/

Roommate is Edna!! 😀

Stayed at Hotel Grand Chancellor Surfers Paradise!
Its location is damn good because shops and the beach are so nearby and right beneath is Woolworths which is my favourite place of all (lol animal cards)

At 1AM or so, we were brought to where McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s (Burger King, apparently) for supper (actually for Wi-Fi).
Of course I chose Hungry Jack’s because if I am forced to have fast food I’d opt for something new!

Lots of seagulls were also attacking empty trays outside!!

All of us were super desperate for 3G and a few of us (me included) got some $30 SIM card from a convenience store that was still open.
But we couldn’t activate it yet because no one was there on the line in the dead of night right? 😦

23 September 2013
When the sun was out I went to the balcony and have I mentioned I LOVE the weather?!?!?!
The moment I got out of the airport I was super elated by the air-conditioner spring weather!
Throughout the trip it has only been between 20-29℃ or so with average at the lower end and I can totally adapt to that (forever)!!!!
The view was quite shitty like buildings and buildings and it isn’t even those aerial view sort.
However, over at my friends’ rooms at the other side, oh were they blessed with a beach view and from-room-sunrise zzz!!!!!

Hotel’s buffet breakfast was unsatisfactory save the hash browns.
We were all like hey let’s eat out for the rest of the trip but it didn’t happen 😦

Went out for a city tour and we came to Mount Coot-tha!

Really beautiful scenery but I have no idea what all I saw was because I was occupied with touristy stuff and the tour guide was really really soft! But Bryan is a funny dude, even during the pre-trip briefing 😀

Amanda is crazy?!?!?!?!?

So I tried but I couldn’t… So… I cleverly sought assistance from the railing hahahaha

Took a lot of jump shots, and mostly just failing…

Love this shot because I look like a rocket hahahaha

Before and after the trip, I still don’t really know a third of the people (whutttt), and half of those I never knew existed and probably still will have trouble identifying them (sorry for being a bad human)…

Every day (I think) I actively drank Nudie juices of a limited variety (fault to Woolworths and some really vegetable-ly juices I refuse to try) because it is so hard to find in Singapore and it happens to be really yummy and Australia is its land of production after all!

Went to Chinatown!

The instant I alighted the bus, I saw this and I ran in screaming HAHAHAHAHA


Super love these!!
Costed me AUD$3.50 but I haven’t seen this in ages I think it’s fine!

Thought it was kind of racist how they put anything Asian in Chinatown!
They had Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, whatever that isn’t western in Chinatown LOL!

Saw this and I thought that man was an image until he actually moved hahahahahha!

Honestly couldn’t hear Bryan at all so all I was doing was happily eating my mini melts 😀

Was helping Amanda get her scorpion shot and when I zoomed into this picture, Yusof was at the back giving the most flabbergasted face hahahahaha!!

University of Queensland!!!!!! 😀
Such a nice place; I wouldn’t mind studying there!

Went into a room for a talk!

Felt like a Hogwarts student!!!!
The seats were unfortunately not made for short Asians because it was so difficult getting to our seats :/

The vandalism on the woods were really interesting though! Like…


At one point, I was trying to feign intelligence so I looked at Hazel and said to her:
“A closed mouth catches no flies.” (The proverb behind her!)
And her witty response killed me: “A confused Hazel catches no balls.”
Then we had this little quiz thing where we had to go around with a student and gather trivial facts about the school, such as the school building is made of sandstone and there are 30 flavours of pizzas sold there, etc.
When we headed out we were like “can you just give us the answers” “can we sit on the grass”(MY QUESTION OBVIOUSLY) “can we use Google to find out the answers” and he was like OK! and he brought us by the lake to sit on the grass because where we were then was not safe as we could easily be caught cheating hahahaha 😀

Found a fallen stick and made it mine while I was in UQ 😀

On the way to the lake, we saw a lolly shop!!!!

Had some coins in my pocket so I got me a Nerds rope and some mixes! 😀

We sat by the lake and the scribe and some attentive people crowded around the student for the answers!
Of course I was just becoming a blade of grass myself…

After that we went back to realise we weren’t supposed to have ALL the answers because of the little time we had and it was only too obvious we cheated but we guessed the answers and got it verified instead of just asking for the answers ok!!

A few of them were with us because of the half-group splitting and were dragged into our evil deeds hahahahaha oops…

It’s so unfair how their grass are so soft and nice to sit on whereas in Singapore our grass are rough and muddy and balding?? 😦
Also, in Singapore we have pigeons, crows and little boring birds flying around but…
I asked the dude who was taking us around if they were edible and he said that they were poisonous and eating them would give us food poisoning so I asked if anyone has tried eating them since he was able to give me an answer HAHAHAHAHAHA

Returned to the hotel after that!
Had dinner at this Malaysian Chinese restaurant (FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT)
I was really pissed with that arrangement because the food wasn’t fantastic and we haven’t been away long enough to miss our own cuisine!!
Not sure whether this happened this day or the next but while we were walking towards the restaurant (I was at the back of the group) there was this Australian dude in his 50’s or so that openly commented “Asians after Asians!” which was really uncalled for but then again kinda called for because we were a group of 34 Asians LOL!!
Racism is funny hahahahaha not that I condone it but yea it’s funny!
Also I think it was this day I left my camera at the restaurant after eating omg…
Luckily the tour guide took it for me but nobody bothered to tell me when I was on the way back to retrieve it 😦
Went to Centro, a mall just beside the hotel, after dinner…

Saw a kangaroo scrotum bottle opener!
Priced differently based on the size of the balls -___- and believe it or not some of my friends bought a few -___-

The bunch then went to Woolworths! 😀

For every time I went there, I bought a punnet of strawberries!
Soooooooo cheap and delicious! 😀 Roughly $3 for too big a serving for one (but I had them all anyway)
Also stocked up on Nudies whenever I ran out 🙂

Took lots of animal cards with our receipts too 🙂
Hilary and I got to build our decks first and the excess went to Qing Yi and his excess went to Tabithan hahahahah 😀

24 September 2013

Breakfast at the hotel again!

Thought Nudie juices were all so magical, tasting weird at first sip and becoming too lovely throughout 😀

Went to Jupiters Hotel & Casino for tours!

What are you doing, Amanda? HAHAHAHAHA

The view from the club suite!!

And the view from the ocean terrace!
Nothing else really amuses me so I didn’t take much pictures…

Just really wished lived somewhere like this and have a boating licence and a boat!

Acting like it’s our room LOL

They had a pancake machine!!
We were just looking and being fascinated but the waiter pressed the OK button for us so we had 2 pancakes to share and it was tasteless but still yummy hahahahahah 🙂
Had a casino tour too!
I’ve never been awed or anything by casino tours (this being my second) because I don’t believe in gambling…
Unless maybe you take me to Vegas or something then just maybe I’d be like woaahhh… and stuff??

Then we walked over to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre which was a destination of another day but we had spare time then.
We were supposed to take a look at the space and observe as a tourism student but the bunch and I were like oh yes look at that beautiful couch it is so spacious and we sat there to rest instead because honestly, tours in the early morning say 10AM is really 8AM in Singapore time! 😦 NOBODY FUNCTIONS THAT EARLY IF NON-FARMER OK!

After boring tours, we went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!!!!!! 😀

Truthfully, this was the one place I was most excited to visit because prior to the trip I have already decided to hold a koala even if it costs me $100 ^______^

Saw this really cute plushie that I didn’t buy because I knew better where to spend money (KOALA hahahaha) 😀

Also saw this hilarious magnet with the funniest koala faces!!
On hindsight I should have bought this :/ but it’s ok, I got a picture of it which is funny enough 🙂

Lunchtime!! 😀

Before the food came I was looking at these birds that were roaming freely in the sanctuary and

This cute little girl talking on her toy cellphone! 😀

Lunch was this meat sampler sort of thing…
It was terrible!!! 😦
The beef was so tough, the chicken was hardly marinated, the fish has its texture all wrong and the sprouts were too bitter!!! T___T
After lunch we headed to a little room for another talk! 😀
And en route there we saw…


Wallabies too!!! 😀

The talk about tourism marketing with a yellow-tailed black cockatoo! 🙂
Its name is Yellow or something else because they said it with an accent so I gave up figuring out LOL

During the talk it was busying itself biting the perch ferociously 🙂

AND IT WENT CRAZY (just kidding hahahahha)

Then they brought out a shingleback lizard which was actually cute but I refused to have pictures of it nor touch it zzz THANKS A LOT SINGAPORE 😡

A bad picture of the snake, a python if I remembered correctly…
I love touching it! It’s so smooth 😀
I wouldn’t mind a pet snake but feeding it myself is gross like here snake here is a dead bird/mouse for you :/
After the talk it was free time!!! But we only had 2 hours or so so I didn’t have enough time to see ALL the animals 😦
I really wanted to see the wombats and lorikeets 😦

Right outside the room I saw a joey at its mom’s pouch!
So cute!!!! Marsupials have more swag than you!
But of course I ran to the koalas really fast!! 😀



It gave me the stare of love!!! Look at it looking at me!!!!!!

It’s flirting with me

While eating


Hazel caught this CUTEST koala shot!! <3333333 😀

Cut 3 tourists’ queue (sorry) to join my friends and also cut their queue (omg sorry)

Paid AUD$30 for a package with a 6R, 2 4Rs and 4 wallet-sized photographs! 😀 (and a free plush, too!)

Quite a dark picture from my phone :/
Was super happy I got to hold a koala AND have a picture as evidence ^___^
From their website I just found out you could pay $30 to “adopt” the animals OMG!!!
And you’d get a certificate showing you are the wildlife parent hohoho it sounds damn shiok!!!!!
CAN I GO TO AUSTRALIA NOW PLEASE! When I feel richer I shall go adopt a koala omg *dies*
After the picture we went to where the kangaroos and emus were to join the bunch who very rudely completely disregard the existence of koalas.

Was just walking towards the bigger space to find some kangaroos to take photos of and I saw this:

A dead kangaroo with a worried woman beside!
I was like omg did it die LOL

I inched closer and found that it was just sleeping HAHAHAHAHAA

*takes a dump* “goodnight”

Quack! Chasing ducks slowly was actually very therapeutic LOL!

Attempted a selfie with this greedy joey that’s constantly eating nothing but shit on the ground????

Gave up and got someone to take a picture for me 🙂
Dared not to take selfies with those grown ass kangaroos because their faces are always like “don’t bother me” “get lost” “I’m gonna kick you” *box* “I said get lost”

Sexy kangaroo photo!
Hazel and Hilary are like *don’t give a shit about all the shit on the ground* *lies down* and I’m like haha nope

Tried to get an emu selfie too but it was terrifying!
I was just walking by it to make sure we both are in the frame and then suddenly it went backwards and was covered by my hair and I walked backwards too, took this photo and when I turned, it was centimeters from my face!!!
Can you imagine a black hairy bird head beside yours?!?!?! It was so frightening I didn’t try to get a better emu selfie omg…

Then we had to hurry to Superbee for a show!
At first we were like what the hell why would I give up koalas and wombats for bees?!?!?

Turns out the host was a really entertaining dude but he had to hurriedly do the show because of time constraint 😦
I’ve been to honey factories before and always thought them boring but not here! I loved it 😀

He was pointing to the queen bee that I cannot find in the picture…
I was the lucky bastard who was right at the front and I got to see the queen bee 😀
It was a long swag bee and he said bees are all born ordinary with a lifespan of 7 days but a queen bee lives 7 years because it feeds on royal jelly and to make a queen the bees fill a cell with royal jelly and put the baby there OMG bees are ultra cool!!!!

Then he used smoke to lure them out and just make them panic hahahahaha

He showed us the different combs and told us the difference about nectar and honey which I have conveniently forgotten…
Also most of my pictures there was badly taken because he is moving super speedy and I don’t even know how he achieves such activeness at his age but he probably attributes everything to honey and pollen and royal jelly and whatnot bee stuff!
His passion for bees is so there it’s kind of not fair I don’t have so big a passion for anything so specific??

Then there’s this machine that spins out honey from the combs with centrifugal force!

I bought raw honey (omg so good) and 2 tiny jars of some other honey because it was really cute lol

Went back to the hotel after that…
Had the usual Asian dinner pfft…

Went to Baskin Robbins for cotton candy and sweet n salty yoghurt 🙂
Went to Woolworths to buy lots of stuff for our wraps party and while at it, coming up with all sorts of shit for our “cooking show” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Went back to the room, washed my strawberries (omg they have stems and are still $3) and went for the wraps party at Hazel’s.

When waiting for… I don’t know what we were waiting for zzz… The animal cards gang gathered to sort out our decks HAHAHAHAHA
My collection is close to 100 (I forgot how many exactly) after refusing some cards :/
If combined with Hilary’s we’d only be short of a few cards to complete the collection!

Had a really fun time filming our stupid “cooking show” while really just making wraps HAHAHAHAHA
I have no idea where the video is though…
The wraps were not too bad hahahaha but in the video the completed one looked like shit because Hilary and I wrapped it…
And when I wrapped one on my own it actually looked good so the fault lies in Hilary HAHAHAHAHA

25 September 2013

Made this monster of a sandwich for myself!
7 slices of folded ham on a toast folded in half!
That’s maybe too many layers in a bite but so satisfying 🙂
I’ve reduced breakfast to toast, ham slices and hash browns because those are the only good stuff hahahaha!
First stop of the day’s tour was… the hotel we were staying at -____-
Went to the penthouse on the 36th floor!
Actually some of us went there on the first day thinking there would be a roof garden or something…
And we figured out those were penthouses because of the insane ceiling height hahahaha 🙂

Wonderful view of the beach (also sunrise)!!!
3 floors of rooms and a personal jacuzzi on the top floor omg!
We all wanted to trade our rooms in exchange for this penthouse hahahahaha but no, wish not granted -___-
Then we headed to Paradise Resort for another tour!

It was such a kids’ heaven!

Saw a Hot Wheels vending machine with the coin slot cleverly out of reach of children 😀
Didn’t get one because all I want are Tomicas…

Also saw this really pretty seat thingy! 😀
Then after viewing some rooms, we were led to this private function area

And there were actually stuff set up for the function and I was thinking omg why are we touring someone else’s booked space?!!?! That’s so rude?!?!?!?!

And someone said to us: “Help yourself to the drinks if you’re thirsty. It’s a hot day.”

It was then I realised it was OUR private function HAHAHAHAHAHA

Finally a decent arranged meal of fish n chips by the pool! 🙂
The fries were awesome!!!!! 😀

The sun-too-bright face HAHAHAHAHAH

Went to Harbour Town after that!
I was all ready to shop; brought most of my money and brought my holdall.
After the tourism marketing talk, it was shopping time!!

For the 3 hours we were there, my friends kept getting out of shops with bags after bags, even the guys!!!
Whereas I got some notebooks, a concealer and ONE shirt.
What the hell.
I did see some clothes I really liked but they were mostly over AUD$100 😡
Or when I could afford and am willing to buy, they were much too big or are stained 😡

Left Harbour Town rather upset with a tasty passionfruit sparkling drink 🙂

Returned to the hotel after shopping at the factory outlets (or more like not shopping) before heading out for the usual boring Asian dinner.
Honestly I was super pissed with this 3-day Malaysian Chinese dinner thing OMG it’s not even a week yet and I just wanna try some good steak and kangaroo meat and other foods but we had to be tied down to this!!!!! 😡

Went for some more post-dinner ice-cream…

And we went to the beach!!! 😀
I’ve been hoping to have time to play on the beach but it seems we didn’t have time based on the itinerary 😦

Can’t ever forget how cooling the super fine sand felt beneath my feet and the freezing sea breeze and the seagulls and the super cold waters grazing my ankles!
By the beach there was a whole stretch of arts and craft stalls set up and I got me some macadamia nuts and a tie-dye tee! 😀

Back at the hotel, I ate my forgotten Freddo that was flattened in my bag .___.

Prior to the return we went to Woolworths and I got my usual strawberries and a new found Nudie coconut water and of course the animal cards!
These were supposed to be my breakfast the next day because we planned to wake up early to catch the sunrise!

26 September 2013
I set my alarm at 4.30AM, that’s like 2.30AM in Singapore zzzz…
I woke up and I drew the curtain open slightly and I was like ugh it’s dark.
I told Edna that the sun isn’t up yet and she mumbled to me: “it’s not supposed to be up”…
And I went back to bed and set my alarm to 5AM and it was still dark.
I went to get ready and all but that pig Edna was still in bed…
So I got into my bed while scrolling through my Instagram timeline and I dozed off with my alarm at 5.30AM
So when it rang, I looked out of the window and FAK THE SUN HAS RISEN.
It was then that I recalled the sun didn’t rise where we were facing, but at the beach.
So I set a timer to go off at 7.30AM so we could go down for breakfast and all and apparently my phone was on silent mode.
I woke up when Yong Chin came knocking our door 10 minutes before the meeting time OMG ZZZZZ
My phone had so many missed calls and you know… didn’t wake us up -___-
Of course I was all ready and only had to change my clothes to get out of doors.
We were 5 minutes late though -___-
Also, I forgot my breakfast fraise and only took my coconut water.
Drinking the coconut water almost killed me.
It tasted so bad despite taking several sips, waiting for the Nudie magic to happen.
It didn’t. Discarded it when we reached and I saw a bin!

Had a talk! At 10AM or something, which is too early, especially when I got up multiple times before heading out and am existing on an empty stomach.

After the rather boring talk, we were guided to a back-of-house tour of the wildlife side of Dreamworld! 😀

On the way there, we saw a cassowary!!!

Do you know why we know it’s a cassowary without having a guide telling us???
Ok, to be honest I didn’t know at first…
Until Hilary was like “it’s a cassowary” acting all wildlife and shit and I was like “how do you know!!!” and she’s like “we have the animal cards!!! I know you have this card too!” (Back at the hotel I checked and she was right LOL)
When we were entering the area, Hilary and I were so practising kiasuism by rushing to the front so that we could see everything HAHAHAHAHAHA

And this is an x-ray of a snake that has swallowed a fishing line and has its insides hooked!
Now that I think of it, the guide Alecia might have said it swallowed a fish that was on a line because I doubt a snake is that stupid????

And look at those who were trapped outside (happily???) and couldn’t see much of everything 😀

This is python Pebbles, named after the Flintstones 😀
Touched it 😀 Super love touching snakes for some reasons 😀

This is Tommy, a cockatoo! 😀

“Despite her name, Tommy is a girl.” says Alecia. HAHAHAHAHA!!

“We are best friends.” says Alecia. AWWWWWW!!!!!

Super cute!!!

Such a marvelous crown 🙂

We then saw the food they prepared for the animals 🙂

And she showed us a frozen chick! 😀 HAHAHAHA
There too were other frozen poultry that she didn’t show…

Chirp chirp
It’s food for the snakes or something, and they are only fed every week/fortnight omg!!!



And this is Skylo! 😀

She said they used their claws as combs as she was removing some fur that was stuck there 🙂


Then Skylo peed and pooped on her shirt .___.

Alecia put Skylo into a bucket to take its weight and at first it was really afraid and struggled to get out and that was sooooooooooooooo cute 🙂

Then it stayed in 😀



Then it was heavily molested on its back, me being the first to touch because I was right in front and Alecia was facing me when she gave the green light to touch its back ^_________^


Then there was this fella who was seeking attention in another enclosure hahahahahaha

3 different stares of love from 3 different koalas omg they love me…
Then the tour was sort of over and we were free to go roam Dreamworld! 😀
They handed us a bucket of kangaroo feed before that too!

Didn’t want to feed it because it isn’t a koala there is no point in me feeding you ok

And my short attention span brought me to notice this cute spider with a beautiful web 😀
Was really difficult to get a picture though :/ Really need a macro lens 😦
We had lesser time to go around the huge theme park (although we had a full day) because the talk and tour took up some time…

We saw a train station and since it was arriving in 3 minutes we waited and the whole time I was like omg guys can we please walk I want to take the thrill rides or, do you think I have time to grab something to eat before the train comes…

Kept seeing rides along the way and I was like can we alight now I wanna play

Finally we got off and we went to place our belongings in the lockers

Sun-too-bright with a completely unaffected Qing Yi with shades on -___-

First ride was the tower of terror!!

The curved track’s the one and the vertical one’s the giant drop which I took as well!

Took a picture while queueing for the tower of terror!
I took the front row 😀 and it was super fun!!!!
It just went at super high speed backwards and held us vertically for a second before returning at super high speed again!
And the guide advised us not to take the scary ones first LOL NO
Then we took pandamonium which is a super bad idea because I cannot handle dizzy rides 😦
It kept on spinning around and upside down which was fine until it was going on for too long and I felt like throwing up 😦
And after that I really wanted to take the claw but I was far too dizzy to get on any rides!
So I went and got myself a sno-kone instead! 😀

When the syrup’s all gone it was the worst!
Then we took the log ride and river rapids which were both really lame and did not get us very wet at all…
Half of the group went off to see the animals or shop or something after that and all that’s left was Edna, Crystal, Tabithan, Jolene and myself…
So we went to take the ride I saw upon driving into the theme park

Buzzsaw was beckoning me from the very beginning!! 😀
This ride was so scary but so fun!!
It went really fast and it went 360 and twirled at the top and it slowed down at the vertical and stayed there and it went back and forth and I almost died but oh what fun!!!!!!!!!
And we had time for one more ride so we went for the giant drop!
Never took a ride like such before so I didn’t know how scary it was…
I was really chill and excited the whole time and as we ascended I was so awed by the spectacular view from that great height.
I began to worry when it stayed up there for too long and I didn’t know when it was gonna drop and I wanted to stay there to just look at everything from above…
My head felt like it was still up there while I was being dragged down and I literally couldn’t breathe and I was so panicked!!
It was really fun nonetheless and I wish I could’ve gone for more thrill rides but we all had to assemble with the whole group 😦

Got me some fries and nuggets and Sprite to share with Edna because we haven’t had anything to eat until late afternoon (not counting the sno-kones) 😀

Then we went back to the hotel and had some time for rest.
Of course I went shopping with the girls 🙂
We were walking and suddenly Amanda stopped because a bird shat on her!!! HAHAHAHAHA
Her chin and shirt collar and hem were victims ewwwwwww!!!
I called her a shitty woman and she chased after me omg
Then when I was joining with the bunch again an Australian dude wanted to give me a high-five and he sighed when I ignored him, not because I was a nonchalant Asian but because my brain was lagging, so I went back and gave a really awkward high-five hahahahaha but we both were happy HAHAHAHAHA 😀
Then we went into 2 shops and Hazel set off both alarms, probably because she was wearing new shorts she bought a few days back.
And when we were leaving the second one, some African-Americans (or something) walked past just as Hazel was setting the alarms off and they were all like “hey! I see you!” “get back in!” “Asians are evil” (these are 3 I managed to hear clearly as I was at the back of the group)
AND OMG ASIANS ARE EVIL HAHAHAHAHAHHA I literally burst out laughing!!
I kind of enjoy this racism???? HAHAHAHHA
Then it was dinnertime at Hard Rock Cafe just minutes away from the hotel!

SO GANGSTER! and a happy little Hilary HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Had some rodeo wings that I couldn’t take a good picture of so I decided not to put it here…

Some chicken thingy…
I was beginning to think that nobody marinates their meat here or perhaps Singapore’s foods are simply too flavourful??
Not complaining because I pity all the beef-lovers who were subjected to a super well done steak because they weren’t given an option for its doneness and were all sawing into it LOL
And everyone was making jokes about how Hard Rock Cafe served Hard Rock steaks hahahahaha!!
But they weren’t to blame because they were probably instructed to cook it to that doneness…
After dinner we went to make some personalised shirts since we were given a bulk deal and it was nice and yeaaaaaa we were planning to wear it on our last day in Queensland 🙂

Mine costed me AUD$26 if I remembered correctly…

I was the only one with a baseball tee and a white base and they decided to strand my shirt between the two stuffed marsupials, separated from the other shirts, while I was showering back in my room OMG MEAN!!!!

I was also the only one with small-sized letters and at the collar instead of the big ones across the back LOL
It might even seem I was struggling to be different LOL NO I LOVE MY SHIRT!!!

The night was spent as usual, with the bunch and animal cards 😀

Also had the forgotten Nudie breakfast juice we bought on wraps day!
And I find the picture funny because I was drinking breakfast juice at night and in a wine glass and I just captioned it being a confused teenager on IG LOL

27 September 2013
Woke up and I’m not sure if I went for breakfast because I couldn’t find any picture of it anywhere or maybe I had the same thing again I did not even bother…?
Went to a function room in the hotel for a talk by representatives of the Gold Coast tourism board or something…
Yea I believe it’s them, I can’t quite remember having procrastinate blogging for a week, because I remember its tagline famous for fun!
Anyway, I nodded off countless times sitting at the front row because I was too tired or perhaps the talk was too boring or (time and time again)(omg it’s an unintended pun) IT WAS TOO EARLY.
Yea the last possible reason is the best and most probable because bloody 9AM and a talk simply do not go together.
When the talk finally ended, HALLELUJAH FREE TIME!!!!
We had a about 2 hours before assembly!
If we weren’t all so tired we would’ve given up our 30-minutes nap!
After nap time the bunch gathered at the lobby and what the hell…
Edna and I were in what we wore for the talk and everyone was in beachwear.
Nobody said we were playing in the water when we planned to go to the beach LOL so we rushed back up for a change in attire hahahaha!
Along the way, Tabithan, Edna and I gave in to temptations and went to Ben & Jerry’s 😀

Phish food and strawberry cheesecake 😀

I wished I had a beach house here!!!
And I’d learn to swim and surf 😀
I’ve been yearning to surf all my life 😦 WHY AM I IN SINGAPORE??!?!??!?!

Saw these really cute girls being followed by a whole flock of seagulls because they were eating hahahaha!

Secretly wished I was them so I could feel scared and run away and get chased by seagulls LOL I mean after all, these things don’t come often right?

So in love with the beach; I want to come again.
The beach was everything it was at night, but accompanied by the sun, a little warmth on the skin and people strewn on the sand.
Letting the waves sweep me was possibly one of the best thrills on the beach!! It was so super cold!!!!!
The cooling waters and sand with the sun is perhaps the simplest joy for a Singaporean like me?
Say we go to Sentosa or something, I’d be perspiring non-stop and jumping on the hot sand??????? HATE!!
An hour passed and we only had enough time left to hurriedly wash ourselves and change out so we couldn’t stay for longer 😦

There was another picture with all of us in it but I’m too lazy to straighten a severely tilted picture a stranger took for us -____-

When I was ready I realised I was slightly tanned and had waves in my hair!!

Had only a few minutes to grab a quick lunch before departing!
Since Krispy Kreme was in most convenience store, I thought I’d give it a try since it’s all the rage and I’ve not had it before…?

Original glazed and choc ice!
Not a huge fan of donuts really, but these were really good 🙂
But still, Singapore is going to have an outlet soon and I’m not going to patron it on purpose.

Then we went to Mariners Cove Marina for whale watching!! 😀

Was really excited because I love riding on boats (I really want a boating licence although I don’t think I can afford a boat in the near future)

Actually I just tried it on my other leg and I could do it, recalling one of my legs was a weird one that couldn’t stretch as much…

I’d say I’m amazing because the others were all dancers (I think) and Tabithan is doing it with the wrong hand!!
Ok, I know I cheated by stretching my arms instead of lifting my leg but still!!!!!

Went onto the boat 😀
Right after the safety briefing, I ran out to chope my already chosen spot…

The bow!!! The frontest seat there, of course! 🙂

Then I automatically took an act-like-it-is-my-yacht pose picture!!

Saw a pelican!! 😀

The sea is so beautiful 🙂

Then we went into a really rough sea and we were having so much fun!!
It was like a roller coaster, bobbing up and down violently with the waves 😀
One moment we could no longer see the sea below us and the next we saw too much sea to be safe HAHAHAHAHAHA 😀
Sometimes I flew off the seat because the jerk was too hard and that was sooooooooooo fun 😀
I was looking forward to going into the pacific ocean and look at the whales but suddenly the ship dude came out and told us that it wasn’t safe to go out to sea that day and they turned around and went back T_____T


On the sad sad ride back I looked up and was actually surprised by how clear the skies were, all blue and no clouds!
(Oh my god look at the length of my attention span)

And too much hair for you to handle 😀

Because we left early, we were brought to Australia Fair for some shopping and as expected I came out only with lip smackers because I am a loser at shopping (but then again when I actually shop, I scare myself and my bank account)…
They could’ve brought us back early though because it would mean more shopping for us!
Had to settle our own dinner that day and after shopping around with the bunch for a bit, Hazel, Tabithan and I went to Fiddlers Green Irish Bar for dinner because we lost the rest.
We all ordered from the $15 menu…

Seafood basket!! 😀
The most delicious meal throughout the trip (because it wasn’t arranged) HAHAHAHA 😀
It was really good in my opinion 🙂
They both had beef and I sampled a little and woah it’s good!! 😀
We got the bill and realised that we were only charged $30 because the buy 2 free 1 promotion applied to our purchase!!

Then Hazel and I went to Woolworths again for water and a cake! And of course, animal cards!
Went back to the hotel afterwards and omg the others were secretly having a wraps and pizza party without us!!
But it’s ok, dinner was good!

The cake we got was to celebrate Edna’s birthday in advance because her birthday falls on airplane day and it was the last night we had at the hotel!

28 September 2013

Woke up and met the bunch at 4.50AM or something…
This time to catch the sunrise for real!!!!
The night before I went to ask the concierge what time the sun would rise and he said 5.05AM!
On the way to the beach there were drunk people here and there and one actually approached us omg!!
He was talking to Tabithan or something (I wasn’t paying attention because idk???) and I heard stuff like “Asian persuasion” “take my hand” “please” “take my hand” and he bumped into Crystal omg so scary!!
Saw it because I was walking beside her :O
I’ve never heard “Asian persuasion” before but it rhymes and I thought it was really funny HAHAHAHAHA
And someone went to Google it and Urban Dictionary defined it as “The spell cast upon an individual in love with members of the Asian race.” HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Brought a towel to sit on as advised by Hilary who didn’t even heed her own because she believes in dusting off sand instead.

For the longest time there was this piece of sky lard, what we called that unknown thing that was blocking the sun rising from the horizon…
It upset me a lot because the sunrise was ugly like have you ever heard of an ugly sunrise????

2 skinny dippers came by the side and I found it rather amusing since Singapore is so conservative a place 🙂

Then 2 lifeguards came to chase them away HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Thank god for myopia my vision is blurred and I couldn’t see much HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

After a good half an hour of waiting the sun finally emerged from the annoying sky lard!

If only I knew how to surf, I could be that guy!!!!!!
Went back soon after… can’t recall if we continued our sleep or just started getting ready but I assume the latter because we had to check-out that morning.

Had to store our luggage with the hotel while we headed out for the day’s activities.

The last breakfast at the hotel and I had another monster sandwich ahahahaha
Edna and I were early so we specially selected a huge table with lots of space for our luggage, waiting for the rest.
When we were almost done eating we found them at a whole another table what the hell friends.

Then we departed in 2 groups in Mercedes Sprinters for Mount Tamborine so in our 4WD there were like 5 others whom I don’t know and as I was at the window, I was separated at the back seat from people I know…
And though the driver was a funny fellow, I dozed off because I was really sleepy and I woke up time to time and at one point found this stranger sleeping on my shoulder OMG I don’t even know her name!!!!!
And I was really sleepy so I continued resting and I had to glance at her face for about 3 times because I kept forgetting what she looks like and it’s really uncomfortable having a stranger you are supposed to know sleep on you because it’s as though she’s like skipping that getting-to-know-you part and is like spiritual-scanning-ATTACHTIME sheesh!!!!!!
Entering the rougher parts of the journey I was awake because I generally find nature interesting…

Saw a macadamia tree!
I wish I knew how to identify plants because had the driver not mention, I wouldn’t have taken a picture and would have just called it a bushy tree??
Who would’ve thought it is the factory of the beautiful beautiful nuts?!!??!?!

Driving through these and having the driver going on about forest fires and koalas losing their habitats and other stuff while I dozed off a little occasionally…

Got off and I didn’t really know what for LOL

Gold Coast shirt day!!! 😀

While everyone’s occupied by the foliage and scenery I was like oh look floor!!!!

Don’t I need help HAHAHAHAHAHA
Went back into the 4WD shortly after, told you I had no idea what the point of getting off was…

Also, I was entrusted to care for Koali which was Tabithan’s LOL
That day at CWS while queueing for the koala photos, Yusof suddenly said koali instead of koala and it was so catchy and funny I had to tell everyone and apparently it became the plushie’s name HAHAHAHAHHA
Also, notice the new stick I picked up from the previous stop!! 😀

Came to a stop for all of us to go to the restrooms but AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!!!!!

Why would anyone go to the restrooms when…

(And a kookaburra perched on the fence!!!!)

Oh god I love Australia!!!!!

I kept on inching my way closer and closer 😀

And decided to give chase eventually HAHAHAHA 😀

Uh-oh it’s another stare of love!!!!

Got off at The Old Church for tea!
It was such a lovely place 🙂
Everyone’s rushing towards the bigger photographable stuff…

And the first thing that caught my eye was this spider!
I honestly think I’m wired wrongly????

And when everyone’s helping themselves to scones and tea, I was like OOOOOOOHHH FLOWERS!!!!!!

Can you imagine my delight when I saw these daisies? 😀
Singapore doesn’t have such!!!!

Shared a scone with Hazel while we were both enchanted by flowers.

I want a garden now!
Or I could live on a houseboat and have a garden on it and dock by the beach???? PLEASE!!!!! SO WANT!!!!

Spent too much time taking pictures of the flowers I didn’t chat up the owner like the others did :/

I might have forgotten to add that the scones were delicious!! 😀


I look terrible but it’s ok there’re flowers and koalas to neutralise it 😀

Mount Tamborine National Park!!! 😀

Saw this really cool root!

It formed a ring!! And look at that size!!
Really wanted to plant my ass on it for a moment but I wasn’t allowed because we had to follow the driver who was guiding us through the rainforest and pointed out that we heard the call of a catbird!

Saw so many things I just want to climb on but couldn’t 😦

This was the nest of some bird that had to fight for this nest and be sexy to the female birds LOL

A hollow in a tree I thought would have something within but it was really dark and had some flies at the mouth I didn’t want to stick my head in it…

I want to be a tree?!


Curtis Falls!

Which was really small and disappointing but still something Singapore doesn’t have!! 🙂

Pedo face with Hazel omg Hazel’s omg

Fun fact: I am taller than Hazel and Hilary HAHAHAHAHA

Saw a tree that looked like an ass with a halfway turd HAHAHAHAHA

Our driver was early so he took us to this stretch of shops!

Saw these really cute crossbred pups and their names were Tim and Tam which is too cute because TIM TAM.
I’m also quite stupid to have not bought any Tim Tams at all although they were everywhere in more flavours than I knew existed.
I went to Granny Macs and got some chocolates!

So many pretty fudges and a long queue so I got none!

Got this sprinkles-coated chocolate which I love!! Had one from UQ’s lolly shop too!

Should’ve bought more :/

Stopped over where some hang gliders were!

Wanna do all these crazy stuff before I become old and stuff!
But then again those might just shorten my life but still…

The view’s so lovely!!!

And we’re off to lunch!!

I am one who gets overly excited whenever seeing cattle by the road, by the way 🙂

There were lots of kangaroos I couldn’t see thanks to my eyesight so I took a picture instead!
Zooming in I did see kangaroos however blur from the distance and my unsteady hands…

Lunch was at this little eatery in the middle of a field where lots of campers were!

The BBQ lunch was good 😀

Post-lunch was so much fun learning how to crack a whip!!

I could do it pretty quick and they said I was a natural HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
What if I’m actually Australian or something!!!
Everyone had a go and then they left for the other field to learn how to throw a boomerang!
I stayed a while with a few, trying to do this cool whipcracking trick where we circled it above our heads and crack it and I managed to do it eventually 😀
Then we hurried to join the rest because omg boomerang!!!!!

Spiders really cannot evade me?????
Didn’t have a picture of me throwing the boomerang 😦
It was really fun though it came back but didn’t return to my hands like all expectations built.

Omg yet another stare of love!!!

Returned again from the super fun day and went for last-minute shopping!!
Managed to buy lots of stuff I liked and by lots I meant compared to my buys at Harbour Town LOL!
Ok so I was happy and all but I had about AUD$30 left after my purchases when I saw a super pretty bag I thought was AUD$39 because I saw the wrong tag… I would’ve gone and borrowed some money from my friends but…
It was actually AUD$99.95!!
If only I had the money… 😦
Then we had to gather for a seafood buffet dinner!

Not a huge fan of seafood too, so I got some lame stuff…
Everyone said the seafood were bad and I didn’t have any really…
Went for a farewell ice-cream at B&J’s too!

Strawberry cheesecake and cherry Garcia!! 😀
Then we had to go! 😦 FOREVER!!!!!! T_____T
I was sleeping on the bus for a while and when I woke up I was so shocked by how starry the night sky was!!
I actually wore my glasses and gazed at the stars for a long long time!!
It was so pretty!! ^____^
I then became really sad because Australia has so many simple things that could make me happy: low humidity, grass, fine sand, clear skies, flowers, stars, etc.
All of which I cannot get in Singapore BOTHERRRRR!!!!!!
Then we reached the airport 😦

And it was goodbye 😥

Which wasn’t good because none of us wanted to leave!!! T___T

Just blogging this is making me miss Australia so much!!
Waiting for when I’ll return again 😦
Anyway, it’s 5AM now and this post has more than 8,200 words and took me about 14 hours to type continuously without unnecessary breaks since 1PM…
WHAT AM I??????? *back breaks*