Secret Recipe & TRM Cruise Trip (10 ‒ 12 Oct 2012) & The King Louis Grill and Bar

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Blogging a day late from my return because I was busy and tired too.
So on Wednesday I went to VivoCity via train…
Yes I was lugging my huge ass luggage on a train. And a bus before that.
By the way, my luggage was the biggest out of all 100+ TRM students 😦

So I went to Secret Recipe for dinner with some of the Crooked Bitches!
Some were busy with other stuff; so sad.

Chicken lasagne! 😀
Not bad!!
Ok I like it but it’s my first lasagne…
I mean I had like one before but it was from a convenience store kind and ya this is definitely better…?
Got the cake set when I was done!

Iced lemon tea

Chocolate indulgence!
Nice but then again I’m more a cream cake person than a chocolate cake person.
This dinner was meant to celebrate Amira’s belated birthday but she was the last to arrive and she arrived only when everyone there was done with desserts omg -__-

After dinner we all went to assemble at Harbourfront Centre with the rest of the TRM students!

Got my access card 😀
But they placed my name where my surname should be so I’m mad about it zzz
2 hours later we boarded the vessel 😀
I was bunking with Lynette, Min and Amanda!
We dropped off our bags at the cabin and headed to the gathering.

At the Grand Piazza of Superstar Virgo!

With Yong Chin and Lynette! (Photo stolen from Yong Chin)
Listening to Ms Ong giving a little speech and telling us how the tour is postponed to the next day so we were freeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Went to supper at Mediterranean Buffet with my CBs!
If you know me well you’d know I don’t eat at night but I just got a plateful because I was gonna stay up and I’d rather not be hungry while at it.

Food items are easily identifiable so I’m not gonna name them…
In general the food isn’t very tasty…
Went back to our cabins to change out of our “maid agency” attire!

With Lynette and Amanda!

Went to the KTV room!! It was really fun 😀
I think we sang till 2 or somewhere there?
The songs available were rather old but thankfully I know a handful!!!
See, everyone who hates how I prefer old songs to the new ones!! This is so helpful…
Went back to the room at 3, had a quick shower and went to bed at 4!

Day 2
Went to Bella Vista for breakfast!

The breakfast spread!

A selection of bread which I find all terrible, orange juice and coffee

Turkey ham omelette, baked beans, grilled tomato, chicken sausage and turkey ham
These tasted ok…
Went to The Lido for a sharing session about the various departments on the cruise!
Although I only had 2 hours of sleep, I managed to stay awake throughout.
Afterwards we had a tour around the crew areas!! 😀
It was really cool getting to see the galley and laundry area!
Frankly speaking, how often do you have access to crew areas? 😀
Both areas had really huge machinery and it was all so very cool 😀
After that we were free!!

Walked around and don’t really remember what we did o.o
Lynette & I went to the toilet and then we lost the rest of the CBs T_T
Because we knew we were having a TRM dinner at Bella Vista that night, we were thinking of going to The Pavilion for lunch so we could have a different sort of meal.
Unfortunately the restaurant was full so we had no choice but to have lunch at Bella Vista!
Went with the Chinkys because we were lost…
But it sure beats eating alone :/
So grateful Lynette accompanied me if not I would really be alone!

Appetizer was roasted buck breast!
It was good 🙂 Loved the mango salsa 😀

Entree was chicken piccata!
Pasta isn’t al dente and chicken was kind of funky…
Loved the mushrooms though! 😀

Dessert was chocolate ice-cream 😀
It was really yummy and the whipped cream is a dream 😀

After lunch Lynette, Jacob, Edna and I went to Galaxy of the Star because we had nothing to do for an hour.
Was just idling there until 2 staff came and told us they had a word game.
Mind you, we were all 17 and on the floor playing a game meant for kids!
So I lost because their questions were too tough for me T_T
It was embarrassing as hell because there was an audience zzz
Because of the game, we were held back and arrived late for the casino tour!!! :O
Went into the casino and each group was so large I couldn’t see (I’m really short if you didn’t already know) nor hear the speaker 😦
But it doesn’t really matter because I don’t have any interest in gambling…
After the tour we went to the Grand Piazza for a TRM group photo…
So the photographer was Mr Ong in his man blouse pfft how special…
Had free time all the way till dinner!
I forgot what we did o.o
Ok I think I went to shower, and then us girls went to the poolside to chill and watch our friends go on the slide o.o

Went back to the cabin to prepare for our formal dinner!!

Min & I

With our nonsense…

Before leaving!
I think I was the only female wearing trousers 😀
(It didn’t happen for prom so I was utterly upset lol)
Gathering outside before dinner… (3 photos all stolen from Yong Chin again)

My twin Fiona & I!!!
Our outfits are super matchy! 😀

We also have the same moles lor it’s awesome 😀

With Yong Chin!
My ankle stockings are fully visible here lor 😦
I couldn’t do without them because my wide feet can’t squeeze into them heels and not kill me 😦
Went into Bella Vista for the 3rd time zzz
Except there’s a whole different feel because everyone’s all dressed up!
It was dark and had purple lighting omg -____-

Appetizer was cream of mushroom and celery
It would be better if there weren’t celery in it!!

Entree was slow cooked Norwegian salmon!
This was soooooo amazing 😀
I loved it so much 😀
I loved it so much I took the effort to use flash to remove the purple tint! 😀

Dessert was orange sherbet
The waiter told me it was lime 😦
I was thoroughly disappointed because I could have ordered chocolate mousse!
I still could get a second but I was full by then…
After dinner photos:

With the Crooked Bitches! 😀 Minus Cassandra and Yong Chin… 😦

With Yong Chin!

With Puteri!

With Lynette!

With Min!
Yea that’s me with heels and on a higher step… to be taller than her by a few centimetres.. 😦

Chin Min Chew! 😀

With Min, being me… -___-

With Zi Hui!

With Amanda!

With Adeline!

With Nicole!

With Cassandra! (Photo stolen from Nicole)
Notice how I’m in heels and the same height as her in flats?
I really need to know how to grow taller but I’m 17 and I hope my puberty’s in pause because I don’t wish to be stuck at 160cm 😦

After the dinner we went to change out of our evening wear and then we went to The Lido to watch Somewhere In Time!!
The show was spectacular 😀
I was smiling the entire time the performance was on 😀
We came a little late so I kind of don’t understand the story but I loved it 😀
Although I was really quite tired by then (remember I had only 2 hours of sleep), I only yawned while still smiling wtf… thrice.
After the show we went to the chocolate party.
I didn’t even know we were at the chocolate party already because I thought the chocolate party was chocolate bars and fondues and stuff like that but it was actually a buffet of chocolate cakes -_-
Didn’t get any 😛
Went to Mediterranean Buffet for supper and I had 2 platefuls of honeydew…

Because honeydew is one of my favourite fruits….
By the way, the jelly on the plate was horrible!!
Couldn’t remember what we did after that but soon after we retreated to our cabins because we were really tired.
Spent about an hour talking before sleeping… ya.

Day 3
Woke up earlier than I had to.
I had breakfast at The Pavilion with Lynette and Yusof, who are up early because they had to rehearse for their emceeing zzz whereas I’m up early because I’m an early person zzzzzz


Glutinous rice
There was also really plain congee and a bun and a spring roll but I forgot to take photos of them :/
Didn’t really like my breakfast…
After that we went to Galaxy of the Stars for a TRM function.
It was a TRM pageant and I was at the far end imagining a Princess Ongkita (inside joke) with Hong Yong!!
Laughed so much at something that never happened!! 😀
This is the second time it’s happened! My imagination and Hong Yong’s combined, wild. 😀
Then we were dismissed to check out and then when we arrived in Singapore again we went to VivoCity for lunch!

Went to The King Louis Grill and Bar because I told them the food’s good and really affordable!
Didn’t get me the pullet I wanted because I’m scrooging and it wasn’t on the set lunch menu… :/
Another time I shall get the pullet ok 🙂

Root beer!

Mushroom soup!
Delicious 😀 and the garlic bread was yummy too!! 😀

Beer battered fish and chips!
Yummy 😀
The portion was huge I could only finish half of it 😦
Food wasn’t wasted though!!! Yusof ate it for me 😀

Chocolate ice-cream!! 😀
And can you believe I got ALL that for only $12?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
That’s after including GST and service charge!
Crazy awesome ^_^ I love King Louis!! (By the way, if you are a King named Louis, it’s not for you)

Went home on a train and then a bus.
Was really tired from the trip but I didn’t sleep upon reaching home because I can’t take afternoon naps because I’ll go crazy…
But when I did sleep at night I slept for long!
Really enjoyed the cruise trip with my friends!!
I really got to go travel more 😦 I’ve been so travel-deprived lately 😦
Thank you TRM for getting me out of Singapore for a while although not far…
Muacks muacks 🙂