1 Day in Batam

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I went to Batam with Marissa last week! She paid for my share of the Groupon deal as a belated birthday present LOL thanks BBG (no, it’s not babygirl (she’s turning 20 this year!), it’s Batam Bebek Goreng). For $40 + $20 ferry tax + $6.50 ferry tax, I find this trip a darn good steal! Which explains why so many people have gone on the exact same tour (literally the whole itinerary). Google it!

Even then, I won’t spare anyone of this stupid image of the store front of Chocolate House, which was the first stop upon leaving Sekupang Ferry Terminal.
Honestly quite boring and the whole bus (15 tourists) went in and out empty-handed.

Went to Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple!
It is filled with the Laughing Buddha.
There’s a whole stretch of super cute statues but I only took photo of this because he was in one of the most comfortable positions ever.
*can’t be bothered to straighten this picture or wait for the roads to clear*
At this point I was really hungry and lunch was hours away T_T
Found a sign pointing to a restaurant and, from the other end of the aisle I saw a signboard that said “vegetarian restaurant”! I nearly wept! Of course there wasn’t gonna be any meat in a temple T_T
But soon I found out why the Buddha was laughing. Or Buddhas were laughing.
My fondest memory of Batam when I was there a decade ago was their fried potato tossed in flavouring powders.
And while this takes on a new shape, IT WAS AMAZING AND WAS ONLY 50 CENTS A STICK!!!!!!!!!!! I got one more but that one was cut too thin and chip-like crispy. Still, I should’ve gotten all of them!!!

Next was boring shopping at ??????
Magnum was $1.80 so I had to buy it right? Not really… it wasn’t very yummy and I should’ve eaten other wacky ice-cream.

Lapis of lapis at Batam Layer Cakes. Didn’t get to try samples because it was so crowded and I just didn’t want to squeeze in. Bought a box of kueh lapis with prunes for my mum because she told me to buy one if it was below $30, and it was strategically $29 lol. It smelled really good but the layers were a mess of waves and they tasted ok, although I’m no big fan of kueh lapis… (I LOVE BAUMKUCHEN THOUGH)

FINALLY it was lunch time!!! This seafood lunch at Golden Prawn 933 is included in the package. Talk about value!!
It was not bad!
Except I limited myself to eating rice + calamari (yum) + this corn soup made of starch (unexpectedly yum). Because I don’t eat gong gong, sambal kangkong is coated in sambal, the fish was fried and bony and slightly spicy so I gave up trying, every prawn was stained with mayonnaise except one (so I ate that one), and I had nobody to help me with the crab and it didn’t have the giant pincer (the only part I know how to eat without assistance).

We were going around Golden City and we were at this stop for activities.
$6 for 15 arrows. Bullseye and I’ll get a free ride on the flying fox.
But I sucked T_T
So did Marissa. She also offered to pay $6 for me to fly through a jungle and over a pond.
Putting on my harness as I stared at what might kill me.
The biggest challenge was really trying to scale this tower on steep stairs with only one side of rails to hold on to. So I was grabbing on to dear life with both hands because I would plunge to my death if I were to slip. I should have been belayed before ascending lor T_T
Jumping off, it was quite lame and not exactly fast or anything…
Before I left I asked the dude how I was gonna get down and he said his friend is at the other end. So ok.
BUT when I was approaching the end THERE WAS NOBODY???? So I was like “OMG HOW DO I STOP? I AM GOING TO DIE?”
Then they slowly appeared and pushed a ladder to me LOL. Everybody was laughing? Sadistic as hell??? 😦
First time on a zip-line and I survived! WHO’S LAUGHING NOW????
Sisters Rivlyn and Rivy (Ikr I thought my name was unconventional) were the only ones other than myself to do stuff here lol.

They give us shower caps to reduce the grossness of shared helmets but man do they smell terrible. Mine was damp and the face shield wouldn’t stay up nor down so it’s part smelly and part obstructed vision.
I chose the faster vehicle but they gave me a bloody slow one so instead of zoom zoom I was looking at people overtaking me and all .__.

Then everyone was going into a massage parlour and I decided to spend an hour in the vicinity instead.
Walking out they were like trying to sell me drinks and I saw coconut (ya they were all on the ground and literal roadside) so I told them “You sell coconuts? Ok. I’ll come back later. Maybe.”
Took a long time to cross the road to a mall and went to a smelly arcade (mostly adults smoking with like 5 kids around) and exchanged tickets for 2 erasers LOL. Really wanted to play basketball but the kids were hogging the machines and when I returned expecting them to be done, I saw that they have claimed a basketball and was playing soccer with it.
Took an even longer time to cross over again.
Got 10 sticks of chicken satay for $1.50 O__O
They asked “Rice?” and I said no and I still got rice? What are they earning??? O__O
Not bad but they’re so skimpy with meat (I understand completely)($1.50 leh, how to hiam) and most of them had only 2 chunks.
Went to get a coconut. They have pushed a punctured cart to the roadside and put some coconuts on it and called it a stall LOL. The flesh was so tender 😀 the juice wasn’t perfect but it didn’t taste bad. It was also $1.50.

Went to BCS Mall. Found an optometry selling frames with prescription lenses for only $18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also found a really cute frosted pink frame but it would take 2 days for it to be done and I was returning to Singapore the next day T_T
Was on the bus and suddenly the front burst into song because it was Rivlyn’s birthday and they had a cake LOL happy birthday Rivlyn!

It was 5pm when the bus left to take everyone to the ferry terminal or their hotels. I was really pissed having to sit in the bus for more than 2 hours when I really want to go to Nagoya Hills and grab some A&W for dinner! Why were we the last? T_T
21st floor at Nagoya Mansions.

Went out and walked in the dark to Nagoya Hills. It was 8pm 😡
Also had to witness something disturbing while I was trying to grab a shot of the mosque and I didn’t even have time to compose or focus anything and we left.
Got myself a kid meal because I wanted an A&W pencil case.
Also upgraded my root beer to a float and got curly fries.
Their chicken is so much better than KFC’s I don’t understand why A&W left Singapore!!!! 😦
Bought a waffle even though I was already pregnant with non-stop feeding and was super full, because my mum swears by A&W’s waffles. What a disappointment having to bite into hard batter which only tasted good at the end when my ice-cream made it soggy…

Went to Hypermart on the hunt for mi goreng 😀
It was a wall of instant noodles!! I got 10 packs of Indomie’s 😀
Their Yakult was a tad smaller (why?) but a 5-pack was only 85 cents?!?!?!?! I didn’t buy it. Hahahaha. Why?????

Went back to the hotel by taxi. $5 is a rip-off but it was late. Bathed and slept to the monotonous voice of documentaries (one of the best ways to sleep even though they’re entertaining) some time around midnight after being awake for god knows how long?
I woke up the day before at 5.30pm because I was dreaming I was a Hogwarts student and was involved in a war and waking up at 2.30pm I went back to sleep to resume the great action LOL. Then I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up and only intermittently napped otw to the hotel. Basically I didn’t sleep for the whole of Tuesday and more.

Woke up and heard Marissa in the shower so I was like wth what time is it now? So I checked and it was 6am. Turns out Marissa didn’t know what time it was and didn’t even bother to check HAHAHAHAHA!
Hotel breakfast with Marissa’s colleague who was also staying at the hotel.
Sunnies on toast darn good 😀 (of course, I brought the toast to the egg station myself)

On the bus to Batam Centre I wanted to take photos of the ‘Welcome to Batam’ sign in the forest but I hesitated and missed everything. I should’ve filmed the beautiful roundabout. Why was my camera inside my bag and not around my neck anyway? :/

Had time to spare before boarding our ferry back and we crossed over to Mega Mall. Marissa wanted to eat KFC but then she was like “aiya we can eat that in Singapore. Let’s eat A&W again.” LOL!
Chicken soup was nice! Lots of chicken chunks and vegetables in it 😀
God is real.

Back to Singapore.
The end!

Yesterday morning Fiona called me and asked if I had my passport. She wanted me to go to JB today to eat. OF COURSE I WANTED TO. But I have class in the evening and I don’t know how to return to Singapore by myself LOL.
The end (of sad story of the adventure that never happened)!